5 Things to Change About Your Landscape for Home Security

5 Things to Change About Your Landscape for Home Security

When you think of residential security, alarms, cameras, locks, and other devices probably come to mind, but did you know that home security landscaping can be part of this category too? Home security isn’t just limited to electrical devices and locks but includes the natural surroundings of your home. The first thing any intruder has to encounter before entering the house is the landscape, so it is very important that your lawn is prepped as its own home security system to defend against any suspects. In this blog, we will share with you five things to change about your landscape to turn it into a natural residential security system to keep your home safe and the burglars out before they even reach the door.

Make Sure Greenery is Trimmed 

Greenery including bushes, shrubs, and trees should be trimmed at all times for multiple reasons to act as home security solutions. For one, it ensures that you have a clear view of the surroundings of your house so you can clearly detect any suspicious activity. Maintaining your bushes and shrubs to be trimmed and short keeps any intruder from hiding out in them. Second, you want to make sure that none of your greenery is large enough to act as a hideout for possible burglars, especially near entryways and windows. When it comes to trees, you want to keep limbs trimmed and inaccessible to intruders that could climb them for access to the second floor of your home. Keeping trees trimmed also ensures a clear view of your landscape. When in it comes to best practices in home security landscaping, short and trimmed is always the best way to go.

Light Up the Night 

For burglars that break-in by night, it is extremely important to make sure you invest in outdoor lighting. If you already have this around your home, make sure they are working properly. Another level of residential security is sensory lights that turn on when motion is detected. This form of outdoor lighting exposes any potential intruder. At night, it is recommended to keep outdoor lights on, especially lights near entryways and on the porch to keep burglars away. You can also add additional lighting to relatively dark areas around your home to ensure there is no place to hide. 

Make Sure Intruders are on Rocky Ground

While this may seem like it isn’t very effective, adding rocks to your home security landscaping plan can be incredibly beneficial. Adding rocks to mulch around entryways, especially windows can make any entry attempt extremely noisy. This will alert anyone in the house or surrounding the house and is sure to confuse and startle the intruder. The addition of rocks also makes for any slippery movement that can cause the burglar to stumble. 

Use Painful Plants as Home Security Guards 

Your choice of greenery in your landscape can make a big difference in the level of residential security your yard provides. Plants that are prickly and covered in thorns may seem unappealing, but have many home security benefits and can add some flare to your landscape. Planting these around your entryway, windows, and perimeter of your lawn can make for a painful entry for intruders. Here are some examples of plants that pack a punch:


Cacti are not only beautiful plants but are covered in spikes that can seriously injure and deter a burglar. Another great thing about cacti is there are so many to choose from so you can find one that fits perfectly with the aesthetic of your home and landscape. 


The most gorgeous prickly plant of them all, the rose is a flower that, at first glance, embodies beauty, but underneath the petals is laced with thorns. These are definitely one of the more appealing prickly plants to add to your landscape but offer a layer of protection as well. These flowers also come in many colors such as the popular red and white.


You are probably aware of this plant’s diverse uses as a syrup and for other cooking and baking needs, but also acts as a prickly security guard. Agave plants are covered in spines that can leave deep injuries which is why the maintenance of these plants should be conducted in protective clothing and goggles. While agave plants are sure to deter burglars if they are blocking window entry, it is important to mind that they can grow fairly large so if you do not have room for their growth, it is best to choose a different prickly plant.


If you want a prickly protector that also has the benefit of producing sweet fruit, the blackberry plant is a great option. While this plant looks inviting with its little blackberries of sweetness, the shrub itself is extremely prickly and is strong enough to tear leather. It is important to maintain these shrubs to make sure no unwanted overgrowth occurs. 

Perform Routine Lawn Maintenance 

Lastly, and one of the most important points, is to make sure you constantly maintain your lawn. Not only does a well-kept lawn look appealing from the road, but it also shows that the home is well protected by owners that are around frequently. Ways to maintain your lawn include mowing regularly, raking the yard, trimming greenery, maintaining flower beds, and making sure to not leave mail and newspapers at the door. By picking up your mail, it alerts intruders that the homeowners are there. If you will be gone for a long period of time and are worried about the maintenance of your landscape, hire a landscaping company to keep your yard maintained while you are away. Overall, showing that you care about your landscape shows burglars that you are present at your home and don’t mess around. 

Say “Bye Bye, Burglars” with Home Security Landscaping

With these five tips, we hope that you can keep your home safe just by the transformation of your lawn. While some of these tips can seem daunting, it is worthwhile and a proper time investment and can amplify your landscape with benefits that exceed those of natural residential security. If you are still worried about the security of your home and want to explore home security installation options, contact us at Coggin Security where we can take care of all your residential security needs.