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Revolutionize Your Lock & Key System

Replace keys with keycards or specialized keypads to manage access, add peace of mind and guaranteed secured access for your business or community. Whether you’re protecting employees, property, equipment or valuables, the latest access control system can act as another layer of protection to keep your assets safe.

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Protect Your Most Important Assets

Get the latest in access control technology from Coggin Security, Inc. Protect your business or HOA community with a variety of smart access mechanisms that are sure to keep your personal items, important assets, and even employees safe.

Types of Access Control:

Card, Fob, and Remote

Those who request entry must obtain a specialized keycard or remote to enter the premises.


A specialized keycode or biometric scan is required for entry.

Photo ID Badge

The latest smart card technology allows hardware to authorize entry and effectively identify users.

Cloud-Based Software

Easily manage, view and control all reports and permissions with just a few clicks. Access control has never been so easy with readily activated scheduling and automated device updates.

Automated Gate Systems

Secure your business with an automated gate system that features secured access from telephone entry, vehicle tags or barcodes, and managed access, as well as safety features to protect bystanders and cars. You’ll find our state of the art systems in gated communities, office and commercial buildings, recreational facilities, hotels, secure apartment complexes and even parking garages.

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