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Connected Home

Create your own custom smart home with the latest technology in Connected Home devices. Control every technical aspect of your home from your phone or keypad. Adjust thermostats, lighting, garage doors and lock or unlock doors at the touch of a button.

Some Smart Home Services Provided:

Wireless Asset Protection

Guard important assets against theft with wireless sensors that notify you when the item has been tampered with or relocated. These devices can be attached to flat screens, paintings, safes, family heirlooms and more.

Flood Detection

No one wants to come home to a flooded bathroom, basement or kitchen. Save time and reduce damages with flood detection devices that will alert your phone or tablet when there’s a leak or flooding within designated areas of your home.

Receive Immediate Alerts

Whether you are going on a trip or leaving your home for the afternoon, stay in the know with notifications that can be sent directly to any phone, tablet or laptop device.

Operate Your System Anytime, Anywhere

Coggin Security’s Smart Home Connected devices give you the ability to arm and disarm your system directly from your phone or tablet. Never worry about forgetting to arm your alarm system and put your mind at ease with the newest Smart Home technology.

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