5 New Construction Home Security Tips

5 New Construction Home Security Tips

As you plan to settle into your new home, construction security should be one of your top priorities. Newly built homes are often perceived to be safer and less likely to be targeted by theft, burglary, and crime. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Prioritize the safety of your loved ones, assets, and newly built homes with an effective home security system

At Coggin Security, we specialize in developing custom security solutions tailored to meet your and your family’s needs. In this blog post, our team of security experts provides five new construction home security tips, so that you can enjoy the comfort and peace of mind in your new home. 

1. Install Motion Detected Lighting 

Strengthen your property’s exterior with automated lighting. Adequate lighting limits potential hiding spots for unwanted visitors. We suggest placing lights around the entry points of your home. Specifically, your front and back doors, windows, driveways, walkways, and outdoor features such as garages or sheds. Illuminating your property will increase visibility and make it harder for intruders to come onto your property unnoticed. 

If you are not staying on the property, the sudden illumination will alert your neighbors that someone has triggered the lights. Furthermore, if your property still has machinery and tools left from the construction, lighting will help keep those entering your home safe during the night. Lastly, adequate lighting will help security cameras work more efficiently and will improve the video quality. 

2. Monitor Your Property With Security Cameras

Many homeowners enjoy the accessibility and reliability that security cameras provide. They allow you to check in and monitor your property whether you are home or away. Cameras should be positioned around your property and pay special attention to your home’s points of entry. 

Cameras will strengthen your construction security system as well. This solution allows you to keep an eye on your property during the construction process which can provide some peace of mind during time away from home. Security specialists can work with your builder to implement a custom home security system during the construction process. Strengthening your home from the ground up. 

3. Limit Your Social Media Sharing 

Posting new home construction updates to your social media pages may make your home more vulnerable to burglaries, theft, and crime. Experts say that 78% of burglars use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to scope out potential property targets. New home construction is exciting and homeowners will be excited to share updates with their followers. But, it is important to remember that you may be sharing with unwanted visitors as well.

Taking precautions on and offline will strengthen your home and construction security. Here are a few more tips for strengthening your home visually. 

Hide Large Packages

If you are having large and valuable packages delivered to your home we suggest taking security precautions before delivery and while disposing of the boxes. Schedule your deliveries so someone can bring valuable packages into the home once they arrive. This will fight against “porch pirates” and package theft. 

Leaving boxes with brand names and logos on the street will let thieves know that valuables are being delivered to your home. Prevent your hard-earned possessions and valuables from being stolen by taking these delivery precautions.  

Make It Look Like Someone Is Home

One of the most simple security tips is to make your home look like someone is home. Leaving a light on in the living room or turning on a porch light makes your home look lived in. If you will be away from home for an extended period we suggest having a friend or neighbor bring in your mail and packages. These seemingly obvious tips will help to keep unwanted visitors away and strengthen your home security. 

4. Secure Garages and Sheds

Home security systems often leave out garages and sheds because they are not lived in. Yet, garages and sheds house many valuable assets like cars, lawn equipment, and patio furniture. Protect your belongings with a reliable lock. Attached garages are another entry point to your home, adding a smart home sensor will help to strengthen the integrity of your home as well. Every aspect of your property should be protected no matter how small, remember to keep your garage and shed in mind when creating your home security system

5. Keep Spare Keys in a Lockbox 

Our last new construction home security tip is to store your spare keys in a lockbox. The first place a trusted or unwanted visitor will look for a spare key is under a doormat, in the mailbox, or under a flower pot near the door. These hiding places are universal and not as clever as we may think. Keeping a spare key in a spot like this is equivalent to inviting a burglar into your home. 

With construction projects, there will always be people who need access to your home. Make sure that the keys to your property stay in the hands of trusted individuals by keeping them in a lockbox with limited access. 

Enjoy Your New Home With Construction Security

Your new home deserves an efficient custom security solution that ensures the protection of your valuables and your loved ones. With these construction security tips, you can enjoy your new home to the fullest. The security experts at Coggin Security have been safeguarding the Grand Strand area for over twenty-five years, we understand the importance of protecting what matters most. For more information about protecting your new home, contact us today for a free consultation.