Home Renovation Tips for a Safer Home

Home Renovation Tips for a Safer Home

Are you thinking of or currently remodeling your home? You may want to consider using this opportunity to upgrade your home security. At Coggin security, security solutions are our passion, and keeping you safe from any kind of threat is our bread and butter. Whether you’re halfway through a renovation journey, or you are in the early idea stages, these security options are easy to add to any renovation plan. Our team of security experts have put together a few home renovation tips you can use to ensure your new renovations make your home safer. 

Improve Your Lighting

Adding more lights in and around your property will help deter future would-be burglars. A dark or dimly lit house is like a bat signal to burglars that no one is home or that security is lacking. Leaving a few lights on usually helps keep them away. Beefing up the lighting systems in your house can improve your home security. Adding outdoor lighting can also drastically improve your home’s safety systems. If you don’t want to leave outdoor lights on all the time, consider installing motion detectors that will trigger your outdoor lights. This provides an effective method to ensure the security of your home and yard while avoiding the need to keep bright lights on continuously and conserving energy.

Motion Detectors

Adding motion detectors to ongoing renovations is a straightforward task for your contractors. Not only will you benefit from the added security of lights that activate when there is movement outside your home, regardless of the time, but they also serve as sensors to detect open windows or doors. If a potential home invader opts not to enter your home through a door, they may choose a window instead. If you keep your windows securely locked, this may lead them to resort to breaking them in order to gain access to your house. Motion detectors will catch these home invaders in the act. Motion detectors seamlessly integrate with your existing security system, activating the alarm upon detecting motion or the opening of a door or window. They serve as an excellent enhancement, providing an additional layer of security. Furthermore, these motion detectors can be personalized to specific volume and frequency thresholds, ensuring a perfect alignment with your unique security requirements. 

Upgrade Your Locks 

Taking the opportunity of renovating your house to add more durable locks to doors and windows is a no-brainer. Many burglars seek the fastest and most convenient route to enter your home, which often happens to be your front door. Surprisingly, even a door equipped with a standard lock can be vulnerable to a forceful kick from an average-sized individual. While an alarm system can notify you once a break-in has occurred, by then, the intruder has already breached your home. The key strategy is to prevent them from gaining access in the first place. Smart locks are stronger and much more durable, they are also way more convenient because you can enter your home with a palm print or a code instead of a key. The intersection of convenience and safety is like music to our ears. 

Install Cameras 

Security cameras are one of our most highly recommended home renovation tips. They are a great addition to any home security system. However, many customers are put off by the installation aspect. Using your home renovations to install residential security cameras is a great way to optimize whatever construction is being done to your house already. There are so many options when it comes to residential security cameras. Indoor, outdoor, wireless, wired, motion detection, etc that you’re guaranteed to find cameras that integrate seamlessly into your home and lifestyle. Security cameras allow you to view all parts of your property at the push of a button. You can access them from your phone anywhere in the world. Cameras make your security systems much more holistic and can help you not only in the event of a break-in but also allow you to keep an eye on the day-to-day of your household. 

Using our home renovation tips to maximize your home security services is a great way to make sure your security systems stay up-to-date. If you are curious about any of these suggestions or want to explore all of your Myrtle Beach security solutions, call us today or visit us online. Our team of residential security professionals can’t wait to help keep your loved ones and your home safe.