It’s Hurricane Season: What Happens to My Home Security System When the Power Goes Out?

It’s Hurricane Season: What Happens to My Home Security System When the Power Goes Out?

South Carolina might not be known for their blizzards or landslides, but hurricanes and tropical storms are a couple of nuisances that we know plenty about. During our most recent tropical cyclone known as Hurricane Dorian, more than 270,000 South Carolina residents lost power. We all know what this means for the food left in your refrigerator, but what about your home security system?

During a major storm, crime rates are known to rise exponentially as burglars take advantage of the hundreds of South Carolinians that often flee to avoid potential flooding, power outages and wind damage. It doesn’t come as a shock that even ABC News 4 featured an article about a man who was arrested for burglarizing multiple shops in Murrells Inlet during Hurricane Dorian.

With recent events like these, locals tend to be curious about what exactly happens to their home security system when the power goes out during a major storm. The last thing you want to worry about when evacuating for a storm is whether or not your valuables will remain protected if your power goes out.

Whether your security system stops operating in the event of a power outage depends on how your system was installed. There are 4 traditional ways security companies in Myrtle Beach install systems throughout your home, some of which are more ideal than others:

Home Security System Installation Methods

1. Traditional Phone Lines (POTS)

Some security systems operate over traditional phone lines also known as “plain old telephone service” or POTS. These specific lines will not be affected by a power loss though it is a physical wire that is often above ground and is susceptible to falling limbs and trees.

2. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) / Internet

This type of communication is extremely susceptible to power outages, as their power comes directly from your modem. If your internet is out, then there’s a chance your alarm system is most likely out as well.

3. Internet

Alarm systems operating through internet connection are the most vulnerable to power outages. These security systems draw all of their power from your internet connection, which isn’t going to be reliably available during a hurricane’s aftermath. Once your internet is out of commission, so is your alarm system.

4. Cellular Radio

Home security systems installed with cellular radio are the most reliable during a possible power outage and is Coggin Security’s preferred installation method. All of our wireless home security systems with cellular radio continue to work during a power outage because, just like your cell phone, communication is not affected by a loss of power.

If your power goes out, your system installed with cellular radio will maintain full communication with our monitoring center and will draw its power from a battery backup.

Do you have an older home security system? If so, chances are your alarm might not be installed with cellular radio and won’t last during a power outage. Stay protected with or without power and schedule a free consultation with a security solutions expert at Coggin Security, Inc. in Myrtle Beach today.