Restaurant Security in Myrtle Beach: Meeting Regulatory Requirements

Restaurant Security in Myrtle Beach: Meeting Regulatory Requirements

Though extremely rewarding work, owning and operating your own business is no easy feat, especially if you are in the food and beverage industry. Owning a restaurant or food chain is one of the most difficult businesses to turn a profit in. In addition to hungry customers, busy restaurants must frequently battle employee theft, break-ins, and liability lawsuits resulting from an abundance of workplace hazards. As we move into the new year, our commercial security experts have put together a guide on the latest regulatory requirements and advances in restaurant security for Myrtle Beach and surrounding communities.

Implementing Restaurant Security Measures

Reevaluate Your Commercial Security System

The simplest way to keep your restaurant safe is to deter crimes from happening in the first place. That’s why conspicuously placed video cameras are your first line of defense. Video surveillance is continually improving, so it is best practice to reassess your restaurant security system every 5 to 7 years to ensure it is effectively meeting your safety needs.

Though commercial security systems are not a cheap investment, the benefits you will reap are well worth the cost. Just to name a few of them, restaurant owners appreciate that video surveillance systems help:

1 – Keep Restaurant Staff Accountable

Employee theft is the most frequent crime that occurs in a restaurant. This is largely due to their familiarity with restaurant operations and frequent opportunities to steal assets, whether cash, inventory, or equipment. The installation of commercial security cameras can help combat this common complaint, as it decreases the chance the staff will take advantage of their employers.

Not to mention, it prevents a restaurant owner’s worst nightmare – incurring a safety or health violation. By regularly checking your restaurant’s security cameras, you can ensure that workplace safety guidelines are being adhered to, as well as monitor compliance with local health codes when handling food, beverages, and dangerous equipment.

2 – Deter Any Potential Burglars

After many restaurant establishments were forced to close their doors this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, property crimes such as burglary, theft, and robberies have been on the rise. Restaurant establishments often accumulate significant amounts of cash, making them especially vulnerable targets. However, criminals surveying the area are much less likely to burglarize a place that has a visible security system equipped with working cameras.

Our experts on restaurant security in Myrtle Beach recommend setting up commercial security cameras in common areas such as dining rooms, kitchen areas, entry and exit points, and any rooms containing safes, inventory, or cash registers. Make sure your security cameras are set up visibly and in a way that prevents any blind spots from occurring. That way, you can eliminate the incentive to break into your restaurant from any potential opportunists passing by.

3 – Protect Against Lawsuits and Disputes

It’s no secret that restaurants face a unique set of challenges. By installing cameras, you can better track the activities happening inside your restaurant. If an accident happens with an employee or a customer, you will be able to have a record of the incident and what may have caused it.

This will help protect your business in the future from someone trying to take advantage of a bad situation over which your restaurant may have had no control. If you own a late-night establishment or one that serves alcoholic beverages, having a prominent security system may help deter unruly customers from causing issues, as well as provide a log of what happened when trying to sort it out.

4 – 24/7 Remote Monitoring

While a security monitoring system can provide a recording should anything go wrong, it can also alert you and the proper authorities the moment that it does. Nowadays, it’s not enough to simply have your video feed stored on a cloud system somewhere. Restaurant owners need to be able to keep tabs on their businesses in real-time, not only after something goes wrong.

Experts on restaurant security in Myrtle Beach recommend checking on your restaurant operations daily. With modern commercial security systems, it is easier than ever to do so. Advanced security camera systems now offer remote viewing so that you can keep tabs on your business anywhere, anytime, and from any device. With this ease of accessibility, you can have peace of mind even when you aren’t on-site.

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Regularly Check Your Fire Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Meeting local regulatory requirements is equally as important as keeping your restaurant secure. Your commercial security cameras allow you to keep tabs on what’s going on inside the kitchen when it comes to food and safety compliance, but it’s also important to monitor fire safety guidelines. In addition to a reliable fire-suppression system in the event of an emergency, restaurants should also be equipped with a fire alarm system to alert the proper channels of a commercial fire.

It is important to install fire and carbon monoxide detectors in multiple locations throughout the building, particularly around the kitchen where ovens, stoves, and other flammable appliances are frequently used. These detectors should be checked monthly to ensure they’re keeping employees and your patrons safe, in addition to an annual inspection from your security provider. To learn more about fire safety, read our five tips on keeping your employees safe from commercial fires here.

Supplement Your Security System with Precautionary Measures

There are over one million restaurant locations in the United States, making food and beverage establishments the largest sector of the retail industry. Restaurant sales are projected to reach a new record in 2020 – almost $900 billion. Even so, with the extensive challenges presented to the industry, you can never be too safe. Our experts recommend implementing the following procedures to supplement your restaurant security system:

  • Conduct thorough employee screening on all candidates including background, professional reference, and credit checks.
  • Provide training to all staff and have them sign clear, comprehensive guidelines outlining expectations regarding employee conduct.
  • Do not allow one staff member or manager to be alone, especially near cash registers or inventory rooms.
  • Implement the “buddy system” during opening and closing hours when armed robberies are most prevalent.
  • Always set your alarm system to stay protected after business hours.
  • Keep cash on-site to a minimum when possible.
  • Always keep some lights on, even if the business isn’t operating.
  • Place ample lighting around the restaurant’s exterior and speed bumps around the parking lot.
  • Trim or eliminate any landscaping or plant overgrowth near windows and entryways that could provide a hiding place for burglars.

With continuous improvements being made in restaurant security, Myrtle Beach business owners can have the peace of mind they need to focus on handling other important aspects of the business. Coggin Security can help you ensure your system is always up to date and on par with local regulations with routine security checkups for your equipment. If you are ready to take the next step in outfitting your business with a custom security system, contact our restaurant security company in Myrtle Beach for a free consultation.


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