What is a Smart Lock and How Does it Work

What is a Smart Lock and How Does it Work

Smart technology has made residential and commercial security solutions better and better. One of the most popular smart security products over the past few years has been smart locks. A smart lock is a device that replaces a traditional deadbolt on any door in your home. It connects to your WiFi and your smartphone to allow you to lock or unlock your doors without the use of a key. Different models of smart locks use different methods including keypads, smartphone applications, or sometimes fingerprints to grant access. Smart locks have a myriad of features that optimize convenience and security. Our Myrtle Beach home security experts have put together this list to explain other features of smart locks and how they work. 

Remote Access 

All smart locks will correspond with a smartphone application that allows you to access your locks at any time. This means you can remotely lock or unlock any door in your home. You can even check to make sure you locked the door on your way out, in case you’re unsure. This feature is great for people that find themselves out of the house a lot, or even out of town, but still want friends, family, or neighbors to have access to their home for a variety of reasons. 


If you often find yourself forgetting to lock your doors, you can enable the auto-lock feature on any smart lock. This means that within a set amount of time, usually around thirty seconds of shutting your door, your smart lock will automatically re-lock. This feature will give any homeowner or renter peace of mind while out of the house, out of town, or in that middle of the night oh-my-god-I-forgot-to-lock-the-door moment. 

Smart locks can also be programmed to lock all doors after a certain time, or emergency automation can be enabled. Emergency automation is a feature that will lock all doors anytime motion is detected by your smart home security system. 

Temporary Passwords

Smart locks make short-term renting easy and secure. If you rent out a property on a short-term basis, smart locks will allow you to set a temporary personalized key code for each renter. This feature keeps not only your renters safe but your properties safe as well. 

Connect to a Smart Home 

Smart locks, like most other smart products, will seamlessly integrate into your smart-device ecosystem. Some will connect to your broader home security system. All smart locks are equipped to be able to not only lock or unlock doors, but also control lights throughout your home, and even adjust the thermostat. 

Connect to your Smartphone 

Part of your smart-device ecosystem is your phone. Smart locks connect to your smartphone not only to lock or unlock doors but also to alert you when that happens. This feature allows for optimal convenience and security. Whether it’s a dog sitter, nanny, kids, or friends, you will be alerted when someone enters your home and can ensure that your home is resecured when they leave. 

How Do Smart Locks Work? 

Like most products, there is a wide range of smart locks. Some can be slipped over an existing lock, while others require complete replacement of original locks. The locking mechanism works the same as a traditional lock and key, it’s just electric. Something to consider, however, is how easily your door shuts. If your door requires some extra effort to lock under normal circumstances, like a strong push or a tug in the right direction, that could hinder a smart lock’s ability to function properly. In that case, you may have to replace the door or the doorframe as well as add a smart lock to ensure that you’re getting the most out of the product. 

Most locks will require batteries to work, like any other electric product. The battery compartment is included in the lock mechanism and you will receive a notification when the battery is getting low. Smart locks have contingency mechanisms for if the battery does die. Some have the option to still have a traditional key as a failsafe. 

All smart locks from trusted, established brands are encrypted and protected from any kind of virus or hacking attempt. 

Whether you are worried about your security, or just being proactive about the safety of yourself, your family, and your assets, smart locks are a great addition to any home security system or smart home structure. They are also the perfect first smart security device to invest in if you’re new to smart home security. If you are curious about smart locks, contact your local security expert today. Here at Coggin Security, we are happy to help with any smart lock, or smart home, questions or concerns. Visit us online or call us today for more information on our security solutions!