What Kind of Security Does Your Business Need?

What Kind of Security Does Your Business Need?

As a business, you must protect your company from those in the business of stealing by implementing commercial security. With so many security options out there, it is important to explore each and determine what is right for you and your business. Commercial security shouldn’t just stop at the door but should be integrated into all aspects of your business. 

Commercial Access Control Systems

Commercial security starts at the door. It is important not only to have a lock but one that is almost impossible for intruders to break. While deadbolt locks are some of the most secure on the market, access control locks will elevate your commercial security system.  With a commercial access control system, you will replace the need for keys with keycards or a keypad. The latest technology even allows for cloud-based software that allows you to operate your business security system with the touch of a few buttons. An access control security system is best for businesses that have a physical storefront or location. Having secure doors on a busy street or lot can keep your business safe at all hours of the day. 

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems, whether in a car or at an entrance to a building, can provide immediate awareness during the first sign of a break-in. Today, many commercial security systemcanto call for the police after a certain amount of time, providing an extra level of protection. These electric watchdogs make sure that any unauthorized entry is short-lived, keeping your business secure whether your team is working remotely or enjoying time off. 

Security Cameras

Though alarm systems immediately alert the presence of an intruder, they cannot visually detect the trespasser. Business security cameras, installed in and outside of the building, provide video coverage, making sure that a break-in can be identified before it occurs. Certain security camera coverage, like ours at Coggin Security, comes with 24/7 surveillance to make sure watchful, trusted eyes are on your business at all times. Business security cameras not only provide a great deal of security but are the evidence to identify the culprit. 

Fire Security 

While some forms of commercial security are obvious, one businesses often forget is fire security. Implementing some form of business fire protection should be non-negotiable for any business property. A commercial fire alarm system will protect not only your property in case of a hazardous evet, but also make your employees feel safe in their work environment. Our commercial security experts will monitor, inspect and install commercial fire alarm systems with 24/7 monitoring, annual inspection, and certified technicians. 

With all of these different security elements, you should have a clear idea of what your business security system needs to maintain the highest level of safety. It is important to familiarize yourself with commercial security services in your area that can install a security system that matches your company’s needs. No matter what, security should be a priority for any business, and curating the best system can keep intruders far away.