10 Commonly Asked Security Questions

10 Commonly Asked Security Questions

When it comes to home security, we understand that our clients have questions. At Coggin Security, we pride ourselves on taking the individual needs of our customers seriously. We’ve answered a few commonly asked security questions to ensure you keep your home and family as safe as possible.

1. Are Home Security Systems Effective?

There is no doubt that having a security system can deter burglars. In a University of North Carolina survey, 80% of over 400 convicted burglars said they would check for alarm systems before break-ins. 60% of burglars said that if they found a security system, they would choose another home. Not only are security systems effective in deterring burglars, but they are also essential when burglars do attempt to break into your home. With 24/7 monitoring and emergency response services, whenever your alarms go off in the home, our team will be alerted and emergency services will be contacted. In desperate situations like these, a few minutes can make a huge difference. 

2. What Safety Concerns Can My Home Security System Protect Me From?

Our home security systems have the potential to not only protect your home from burglary but also a myriad of other security and safety concerns, as well. Coggin Security provides: 

Residential Security Systems

With door and window monitors, motion detectors, and access control locks, our home automation systems are designed to protect your family members and most important assets. Our team provides 24/7 monitoring and is ready to dispatch emergency response as soon as an issue arises. Our residential systems also allow users to monitor their homes 24/7 via smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Fire Protection

Our trusted team is certified in all aspects of fire protection. They are trained to install, inspect, and monitor fire protection services to keep your family, your assets, and your home safe. 

Camera Systems

An HD security camera system allows you to check in on what’s going on at home even when you’re not there. At the click of a button, your camera systems will enable you to check in on a housekeeper, babysitter, or pet or simply keep an eye on your household while out of town.

Emergency PERS Devices

Our Emergency Response Systems (PERS) offer users the ability to contact help in the event of an emergency with a simple push of a button allowing your loved ones to maintain their independent living without worry.

3. Can a Security System Save Me Money on Insurance?

Installing a home security system can help you save money on your homeowner’s insurance. To find out which insurance companies offer rate deductions for security systems, it’s best to contact them individually and compare the options that best suit your needs and your home. Our main priority is to ensure the safety of you, your family, and your home. Getting a discount on your home insurance is an added bonus!

4. Do Custom Smart Home Add-Ons Compromise My Home Security?

We offer local state-of-the-art custom smart home security so you don’t have to worry about smart home add-ons interrupting your home security system. In fact, we offer smart home services where you can custom build your smart home system which can be modified anywhere at any time. We are experts at smart home security system installation and are happy to assist you with existing or new systems.

5. How Often Should My Alarm Be Tested?

We recommend testing your home security alarm system at least once a month for regular maintenance. We also recommend trying your alarm system following any new construction or substantial renovations.

6. How Do I Test My Home Security System?

To test your home security systems, contact a member of our team to have a trusted technician walk you through a total system check. Testing your system at home by yourself can sometimes be tricky and time-consuming, we are more than happy to help.

7. How Can I Ensure My System is Armed?

If you are concerned that your system may not be armed, be sure to contact one of our expert technicians immediately. Our technicians will be able to walk you through effectively arming your system.

8. How Can I Best Avoid Setting Off False Alarms?

Frequent false alarms with home security systems can run fines of up to 200 dollars if they occur frequently. To avoid costly fees, follow the following tips:

  • Know your alarm code and password
  • Keep up-to-date batteries in your system
  • Be mindful that all doors and windows are secure

If you follow all of the previous tips and continue to experience false alarms, contact our specialists so that we can inspect your system as soon as possible.

9. Will My Security System Still Work if My Power Goes Out?

Our security systems are built around and run on the latest technology. If your power goes out, your security system will not be affected but will, instead, run on a backup battery.

10. Who is Notified When My Alarm Goes Off?

In the event that your alarm goes off, responders at your local fire and rescue station will be notified. In addition to responders, the list of emergency contacts you supply our team with when you first set up your system will also be contacted. 

Curious About Investing in A Home Security System?

Don’t let home security and safety slip through the cracks. Our team at Coggin Security is here to help you find the best residential security solutions in Myrtle Beach to keep your home and family safe and protected. Contact us today to ask questions, get a free quote on security system installation, learn about our service area, or get customer support.