How to Assess Your Home Security Needs Just in Time for Spring

How to Assess Your Home Security Needs Just in Time for Spring

Spring is here! In observance of the new season, you may be taking part in spring cleaning. Out with the old and in with the new is what spring is all about.  But don’t limit your spring cleaning to your closet or your kitchen, spring cleaning is a mindset and can be applied liberally and vastly. According to the US Department of Justice, home burglary rates increase during the summer months. While people are busy filling their warm days with pool time, ice cream, or vacations, thieves are taking advantage of the weather and your time out of the house. Our security experts at Coggin Security in Myrtle Beach, SC, have put together a list of five ways you can apply your spring cleaning mentality to your home security! 

Fix Fencing 

The harsh, cold winter weather could have done some serious damage to your fence. The wind, rain, ice, and frozen ground can cause your fence to shift, crack, or otherwise become less effective. Fences that look fragile, broken, or otherwise compromised can be a calling sign to burglars everywhere. They will take advantage of your broken fence to gain entry into your backyard where it will be easier to sneak around undetected and find weak spots in your security. While you’re doing your spring yard work walk around the perimeter of the yard along your fence to see if you can spot any weak spots. If so, mend them as soon as possible to keep your yard, home, and loved ones protected. 

Lock Sheds and Garages 

Spring is when people start to spend more time outdoors whether they’re doing yard chores or just spending time outside. This means you’re more likely to be in your shed or garage using tools or other items to enjoy your outside space. It is important to remember to lock your shed or garage door when you’re done so that burglars don’t get a chance to see what’s inside that may be tempting to steal. Whether you have expensive equipment or a stash of stored goods, you don’t want thieves to gain access. It’s easy to forget to shut the door while you’re working which can attract those with cruel intentions to see what kind of items you have that they may want to steal. Remembering to shut the door to your shed or garage while you’re working, and locking it when you’re done, will do a great deal to help deter criminals from targeting your home. 

Use Cleaning to Spot Security Holes 

Spring cleaning is a great time to take inventory of your house. Optimize the time you spend combing through your home to spot potential security issues. Check your doors and windows for possible break-in points and make sure they are reinforced. You can also use this time to reassess what kind of valuables you own. Taking stock of what you have that may be tempting for thieves will make sure that you know what’s in your home and if you are a victim of a break-in will be able to determine what’s missing quickly.

System Maintenance 

Even the best security systems require maintenance. While you’re already in spring cleaning mode, it may be prudent to add security system maintenance to your list. Checking all outside lights and cameras is a good place to start. If someone is going to break into your home, they’ll have to be outside your home first. Then moving internally to make sure all cameras, smart locks, and alarm pads are functioning properly, have been updated, and are fully powered will help keep you and your family secure through the summer. 

Smoke Alarms and CO Detectors

Along with your security system, checking all smoke alarms and CO detectors will also help ensure that you are safe from more than just burglars. With more people at home during the summer there is more room for accidents to happen. Keeping all of your alarms and detectors fully charged and functional will ensure that even if an incident occurs, there is a safeguard for you and your family. 

As summer approaches, there are probably lots of things on your mind. You shouldn’t also have to be worrying about your safety or home security. Take the steps this spring to make sure your systems are up-to-date and your home is appropriately protected to give you a peace of mind as the seasons change. If you have any questions or concerns we are always here to help. We have a variety of security solutions that will fit your needs. At Coggin Security, we are proud to keep our community safe and protected. As a Myrtle Beach security company, we are here to help. To learn more about our home security services, or to schedule a consultation, call us today.