3 Steps for Upgrading Your Business Security

3 Steps for Upgrading Your Business Security

Your business doesn’t just protect your finances and future: it is responsible for supporting your employees, clients, and family. That’s why it is essential to have optimum security solutions to help keep them safe. While you may already have a quality security system in place, the Coggin Security team advises you to take a few extra steps in order to ensure your business exceeds security standards. While this can take time out of your already busy day, our team of experienced security technicians are here to streamline the process into three easy steps. Whether you operate in the hotel, retail, restaurant, automotive, medical, or office industry, Coggin Security is dedicated to serving you and helping you upgrade your business security to create an exceptionally secure space designed for your needs.

For the last 27 years, Coggin Security has specialized in protecting what makes your business, big or small, valuable. While we are always available for property evaluations and a free quote, we want to provide you with practical steps that can upgrade your business security on your terms. To learn more, read on to get an idea of the different security solutions that can provide your company with an exceptional standard of protection.

Implement Transparent Security Protocols 

As a business owner, you likely already have many protocols in action, such as clocking in and out, hiring processes, and training. This kind of information is often well-known by employees and easy to access, so why not make an accessible security protocol? As the leader of your business, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees have a security protocol to follow and that its purpose is well understood. When creating your own security protocol, make sure to address emergency procedures, visitor and client restrictions, safety codes, and steps to take after a theft or crime. Also, ensure that leaders in your company have a set routine for locking doors, setting security alarms, and closing the property for the night.  

However, it’s not just about informing leaders such as managers and shift leaders. We encourage you to let all employees know to speak up when something seems unusual on your property. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and creating an open and safe community culture will help your employees be more proactive and feel safer in the workplace. 

If you are struggling to communicate or conceptualize a security protocol, a Coggin Security expert can help you further understand your security systems and provide the best tips for a safer workplace.

Upgrade to Access Control Systems & Security Cameras

An old-fashioned lock and key most likely won’t save your business from a break-in or act as a substitute for high-tech security solutions. However, access control systems can ensure that human error, such as forgetting to lock a door, won’t affect your company’s assets or integrity. 

Access control systems allow for keyless entries through fobs, codes, or even fingerprint scanning technology. With this kind of system, you can track all activity at your business location while regulating property access. If you happen to experience a theft or crime near your business, you can also check who has accessed your property during that time. Access control systems allow you or a trusted employee to control access times, even if you aren’t actively present on the property. 

While access control can provide a great deal of protection in this day and age, advanced security cameras are another essential piece of business security. For the most effective security solutions, install cameras on both the interior and exterior of the building. Not only will cameras record any suspicious activities, but act as a deterrent to possible thieves or threats. We also suggest placing cameras near high-value locations, such as stock rooms, loading docks, or parking garages. You may also want to consider installing signage indicating that cameras are present and actively recording.

However, commercial security cameras are not the sole solution to your business’ security issues. Ensure that your employees are aware of your security protocols, how to properly report suspicious activity, and consider an optimum access control system provided by Coggin Security. 

Maintain Your Property & Schedule Routine Security Inspections

A step many business owners may overlook is property maintenance. Make sure to install lots of lighting and replace any bulbs on the perimeter of your building frequently. Also, maintaining and repairing fences, gates, and any kind of locks will help keep your company’s and client’s assets safe. It is also advised to keep up with your landscape to avoid blindspots. 

Scheduling routine security inspections will also help guarantee that your security systems are functioning properly. With Coggin Security’s history of exceptional security solutions, we will ensure that your systems are not only customized to your needs but are examined for errors and replaced frequently. 

How Can You Get Started?

Whether you’re a new business owner or an experienced veteran in your industry, working to upgrade your business security can be daunting. However, Coggin Security has 27 years of experience in the premier and custom security solutions on the market. Not only are we available to help, but your employees and clients also want to be a part of a safer and more secure community. With Coggin, you can help make that a reality. By providing 24/7 real-time monitoring, video surveillance solutions, and cutting-edge access control, we can guarantee that your business will never be more protected. To receive your free quote, fill out a form to get started.