5 Back-to-School Safety Tips

5 Back-to-School Safety Tips

Back to school is an exciting time of year. Binders are organized, mechanical pencils have yet to go missing, and the air is filled with the optimism of new friends to make, new A-pluses to be earned, and new things to learn. However, going back to school is also a vital time to talk to your child about safety and home security. School creates more variables for your child and family in your daily routine and it is important to make sure you go over them. For information on safety protocol in the classroom and on school property at large, check with your individual school and talk to your teachers. However, when it comes to getting your kid to and from your home during the school year and enacting your own home security solutions, here are five safety tips to help you kickstart the school year right. 

Laying Down Ground Rules

Setting expectations and having clear communication with your child about those expectations and consequences is the first step to putting together a safety plan for the school year. Posing ground rules with your children is a great home security solution that will help you establish a consistent schedule. When it comes to transporting them to and from school, whether that be on foot, riding a bike, taking the bus, or being driven, there are many things to consider. If your kids are going to be home by themselves in the afternoon, it’s also important to discuss the house rules for being home alone. If you have a smart security system, be transparent about checking up on them either via text or any residential security cameras you may have. Think about things like, cooking, having friends over, chores, answering the door, and coming to and from the house. Create an open dialogue with your kids and make sure the boundaries are clear when it comes to safety rules in order to keep them safe, give you peace of mind, and make it easier to resolve an issue if a rule gets broken. 

Walking to School 

If you live close enough to school for your kid to walk or bike, make sure to tell them what is an acceptable route and what is not. It is advisable that when walking or biking to school kids stick to public roads and sidewalks. This makes it easier to know where they are and keeps them within someone’s eyesight at all times. If possible, have all of your children walk together en masse, or even consider assembling a group of kids from the neighborhood to walk together. Having a group to walk with ensures that if something were to happen, like an injury, help could be reached sooner. 

Walking Home From School 

When the school bell rings its last and the kids are finally dismissed for the day, it is important that they know what to do after school, whether that be to walk straight home, get into a known person’s car, or expect to take the bus. Unless a sports practice or other scheduled after-school activity will keep them on school grounds, vocalize to your kids that the expectation is that if they are walking they go straight from school to your home. This is one area in which having a smart home security system would be beneficial- you could be alerted when your children return home and even check up on them using any residential security cameras you might have installed. This allows you to establish a pattern, which will make it easier to recognize if something is amiss during the school year. If your kid wants to do something else after school, like go to a friend’s house or stop for a snack, make sure that they know to let you know in whatever way your family has set up for communication. 

Afternoon Procedure 

If your child is letting themselves into the house in the afternoon, remind them that it is important that they lock the door behind them. Consider different home security services, such as a camera doorbell or a keypad lock so that only the necessary people will know the code and be able to let themselves into the house. A keypad can also be programmed to automatically lock behind the user, ensuring that your smart security system locks up after your child and keeps them safe from harm. A home security service like this can also prevent a child from being locked out of a home. If they are going to be letting themselves into their home in the afternoon, the last thing anybody wants is their child wandering around outside because they forgot or misplaced their home key. A keypad ensures there is always a way for your kid to get into your house. 

Monitoring Alone Time 

If you have a smart security system you may have residential security cameras in your home. Cameras are a good tool to periodically check in on your kids throughout the afternoon and make sure that all looks well or that they are doing what they should be doing. Even if you don’t regularly check the cameras, having them there reinforces your piece of mind and reminds whoever is in the house that you can check at any time. 

While back to school can be an exciting and optimistic time, it can also be anxiety-inducing for many parents. It can be nerve-racking to change your kids’ schedule so drastically after months of being at home. As long as there are ground rules and a trusted security protocol, parents and children can feel comfortable with any upcoming changes to daily routine. At Coggin Security, we are proud to make our community feel safe in times of uncertainty with Myrtle Beach home security and a variety of security solutions. Contact us today for more information on installation for your home security services or any questions regarding changes or maintenance.