What’s the Right Commercial Security System for Your Business?

What’s the Right Commercial Security System for Your Business?

From break-ins and trespassing, fires, flooding, or concerning carbon monoxide levels, a reliable commercial security system is what keeps your business safe from these threats. Whether you’ve just decided to start a business, or already have multiple locations, Coggin Security wants to help you find the security option that addresses all of your protection concerns. 

No matter what kind of business you run, your employees and clients look to you to keep them and their sensitive information secure. While the best business security systems help you rest assured that your business is safe when you’re away, the kind you may need varies on which industry you operate in. 

For the last 25 years, Coggin Security has specialized in protecting your assets, employees, and clients that make your business unique. While our team will provide you with a thorough assessment to help you select which security system best fits your needs, it’s helpful to consider the variety of security options we provide to get an idea of which ones fit your standard of protection. Serving hotel, retail, restaurant, automotive, medical, office, and other industries, our team understands how each discipline deserves custom-tailored protection that keeps their most valuable assets safe.

To give you an idea of the different kinds of services and security solutions Coggin can provide, take a further look into the range of features our business security systems offer to help you understand which are the best fit for you. 

24/7 Real-Time Monitoring

If you’re in the market for a high-quality business security system, 24/7 real-time monitoring should be one of the most significant features you seek out. With around-the-clock monitoring, you can rest well knowing that your business is protected and that you will be immediately notified of an intrusion. Once systems detect intruders with real-time monitoring, local authorities are contacted within seconds to ensure your business is safe.

Real-time monitoring is an excellent place for small businesses to start, as it provides instant reliability in a sea of overwhelming security solutions. Even if you own multiple locations, real-time monitoring can take away the constant worry and stress that comes with supervising a large team of employees, clients, and valuables. 

While this feature may sound exclusive, Coggin Security understands that each business owner has a different budget. Our team can help assess your business and select a security system with real-time supervision that fits your financial needs.

Access Control

If you’re currently a business owner, you understand that new technologies and security solutions are what make our lives and work more efficient. With this in mind, an old-fashioned lock and key simply will not evolve alongside your business. That’s where access control comes in handy. 

As one of the latest technologies in commercial security, access control grants you the option to keep your business’ location, assets, employees, and sensitive information protected by keycards, fobs, and even cloud-based software and mobile applications. 

Utilizing access control has a large variety of benefits. It allows you to keep track of all activity, whether it’s between clients, employees, or even delivery drivers. If you happen to experience a theft, you can utilize access control to review who has accessed your building when the incident took place.

Access control also allows you to determine entry times for your business. Whether you’re hosting visitors, tours, or just want to adjust employee access, you can control access times remotely in just a few short steps.

Video Surveillance Solutions

When you’re running a business, it can be hard to spend time away from its location to be with loved ones, enjoy hobbies, or explore other business ventures. The constant worry of issues occurring at work can be bothersome, but video surveillance solutions offer features that can help you rest assured. Know what’s going on inside your business through your smartphone or tablet, which will allow you to access both indoor and outdoor systems from all angles remotely. 

One of the best features of video surveillance through mobile apps is that they are wire-free! You can access your business security cameras using a secure wireless connection, and some business security systems even allow you to interact through voice control or notifications sent straight to your business location. Such applications are also quick to install and learn through the help of an expert Coggin technician.

An example of a video surveillance solution Coggin offers is Total Connect 2.0. This app allows you to control your business security cameras while alerting you of burglaries or fire alarms. Not only does the app keep your property protected, but gives you remote control of lights, thermostats, and locks on the premises. 

Annual Inspections

While most of these features put the power in your hands, the Coggin Team is here to ensure that all of your business security systems are actively monitoring and protecting the integrity of your location. With annual inspections of security equipment, from cameras to fire alarms, our experts range in a variety of expertise and will come to your business to ensure your facility is up-to-date, secure, and compliant with the highest security standards.

Getting Started

While selecting the right commercial security system can be daunting, the process becomes easier when you further explore the kinds of features you find the most useful. If you are often traveling or away from your place of work, 24/7 monitoring with access to remote control can benefit you the most. However, if you’re looking to streamline and track activity throughout the premise, access control will provide you with easy solutions to troubleshoot your concerns. 

While all of these features are beneficial individually, it’s best to find a commercial security system that includes them all. Coggin Security offers security options that provide all these features while maintaining outstanding protection. Contact us to set up a consultation with one of our specialists to find security solutions that suits your needs, budget, and definition of optimum safety.