Best Pet Safety Tips for Summer

Best Pet Safety Tips for Summer

With summer in full swing, there is more time for fun in the sun with friends, family, and pets. If you go on a walk through your neighborhood or a drive around town, chances are that you will see plenty of other people out and about with their furry friends. Even though most pets are undoubtedly excited to be included in your summer plans, summer heat and activities can be especially hard on them. Our residential security experts here at Coggin Security have compiled a list of pet safety tips so that you and your furry friends can have the fun and safe summer that you deserve. 

Install Security Cameras Near Your Pool

We all know how brutal the summer heat can be, and your pets feel it too. Just like us, they benefit from a refreshing dip in the pool. However, without constant supervision, your pet may be struggling in the water without you knowing. According to a report conducted by the Pool Safety Network, nearly 5,000 family pets drown every year in backyard pools. Alongside constant supervision of your pet companion swimming, consider installing exterior residential security cameras and smart home security systems on your pool deck. This way, if you have your back turned even for a few seconds, you can be immediately alerted if your animal falls into the water or begins to struggle while swimming. With most smart home security systems, you can have 24/7 real-time monitoring and can be rest assured that a local official will be called promptly if you need assistance with your pet.

Keep it Cool

We all know how brutal the summer heat can be, and your pets can feel it too. Pets are no exception to the risks of heat-related illnesses which are most common during the intense summer months. The hottest part of the day is typically between 1:00-4:00 pm, so it is best to avoid outdoor activities during this time. If you want to take your pets for a walk or have some playtime at the park, consider changing your routine to do these activities earlier in the morning or later on once the sun is going down in order to beat the heat. In the situation that your pets need to spend an extended period of time outdoors, make sure they have access to plenty of cool water and a shady spot to lay down. 

Similar to how us humans, our furry friends can get sunburns too. Animals with white fur, lighter-colored fur, or hairless animals are also at risk for sunburns when spending long periods of time in direct sunlight. In addition to sunburns, animals can burn their paws on hot concrete or asphalt as well. Knowing the signs of heat-related illnesses is an important step in keeping your pet safe. Symptoms such as heavy panting, glazed eyes, a rapid heartbeat, restlessness, excessive thirst, lethargy, fever, dizziness, lack of coordination, profuse salivation, vomiting, a deep red or purple tongue, and unconsciousness. If you believe that your pet is experiencing heat stress, you should take them to the veterinarian right away.

Look Out for Odd or “Bad” Behavior.

While our pets do love us, they tend to get a little frustrated when we leave them alone for long periods of time. There’s nothing worse than spending the day at the beach or enjoying the warm weather outside only to come back to tattered throw pillows, ripped-open garbage bins, or even an accident. Do you have two troublemakers and can’t solve the mystery of who did what? Utilize a residential security camera to view live streams and play back footage of what your pets were up to while you were away. Through modern security solutions, you can finally get to the bottom of what your furry friends have really been up to. 

Cars Can be Risky

Whether it is on a road trip or running a quick errand to the store, sometimes bringing your pets is necessary. While they may be happy to be included in the fun, they should never be left unattended in the car. A car in 80-degree weather can quickly rise to an internal temperature of 120 degrees when left in the summer heat. Parking in the shade and rolling the windows down is not a safe option either. When bringing your pets along with you on trips, best practices include making plans to stop at pet-friendly stores and if that isn’t possible, have a friend or family member who is able to keep your pet company while making these stops. Unattended pets in cars are at an increased risk of the heat-related illnesses as mentioned above. While this may seem like common sense to most people, countless accidents and injuries happen every summer.

Monitor Your Pet While Away From Home 

Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store or a day at work, your pet is inevitably going to be home alone this summer. However, as previously mentioned, pets are no exception to the risks of heat-related illness, and monitoring the temperature in your home is essential to keeping them cool and safe. Consider equipping your home with remote control monitoring, like a smart home security system, that allows you to adjust your thermostat and even lights to ensure that your pet will be properly cared for even when you aren’t home.

Smart home security is also greatly beneficial for animals with separation or storm anxiety. If you’re away from home while an inevitable afternoon thunderstorm rolls in, a smart home security system allows you to use voice control to communicate with your pet. If your fury friend finds storms scary, or is restless when you’re away, voice control will enable you to soothe your pet with the sound of your voice even from afar.

No one wants to miss out on some summer fun, including your furry friends!  With these pet safety tips from our security technicians at Coggin Security, no one has to worry about missing out. To learn more about other residential security solutions to keep you and your family safe this summer, contact us today.