4 Pros of a Doorbell Camera

4 Pros of a Doorbell Camera

In the United States alone, there are 2.5 million burglaries within just one year. And as the summer continues to heat up, most Southerns are spending more time at the beach, on vacation, and away from their homes. Though there’s plenty to appreciate about the warmer months, some alarming statistics from the Department of Justice have homeowners feeling weary. According to one report, crimes such as burglaries, household property victimization, and other serious crimes increase up to 10% during the summer season. While practicing general home protection, such as locking doors and storing valuables in a safe location is beneficial, installing smart home security systems such as a doorbell camera is the best way to deter criminal activity on your property.

As a family-owned business, we at Coggin Security understand the value of spending time with your loved ones without the worry of lingering danger. Our team of residential security professionals can help you discover proper protection, such as residential security cameras that will dramatically reduce your chances of experiencing burglary while offering a price best suited for your situation. The Coggin team highly recommends installing a doorbell camera, as they can provide undeniable protection, peace of mind, and an inexpensive investment that will save you thousands of dollars in the long term.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the top benefits of installing a doorbell camera.

1. Visual Deterrent to Keep Burglars Away

In recent years, studies have found that homes without smart home security systems are 300% more likely to become burglary victims than those armed with proper protection. 

The UNC Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology is also just one institution that further examined how residential security cameras, such as doorbell cameras, correlated with burglary rates. A survey involving 422 burglaries across North Carolina, Ohio, and Kentucky found that 60% of burglars would leave a home immediately if they detected a residential security system.

Doorbell cameras not only let you monitor your home when you’re away but act as a valuable visual deterrent that could help you save thousands of dollars in burglary damages.

2. Video Evidence

Even if every possible security measure has been taken to drastically lower the chance of experiencing a home invasion, the possibility of a crime occurring in or near your home still exists. Should the worst happen and a crime takes place, a doorbell camera will record invaluable evidence that can be used to incriminate the perpetrator while also assisting you in receiving the proper payout amount from your insurance company.

3. Doorbell Cameras: A Worthy Investment

Some homeowners shy away from purchasing a doorbell camera as they believe the security devices aren’t worth the investment. However, doorbell cameras add an extra layer of protection to your home at a relatively low cost.

With the average burglary costing homeowners $2,416, a doorbell camera’s ability to deter intruders allows them to pay for themselves. The monthly cost of maintaining your security system pales in comparison to the loss of prized possessions, insurance costs, and the emotions that precede a home invasion.

While Coggin Security aims to ensure you feel safe in your home, we believe this should not be a luxury. When you call our team or request online for a quote, we can help you find an affordable doorbell camera and security system to suit your protection needs.

4. Monitor Package Deliveries 

When you’re out of the house, nothing can bring on anxiety-like when a valuable package you ordered is left unattended on the porch. With a doorbell camera’s capability to notify you of any activity near your home, you can utilize voice control to request delivery drivers to leave your package inside or in your preferred location. 

Not only do doorbell cameras offer you this luxury, but you can also deter any unwanted visitors. Utilizing voice controls and alarms, you can notify any unsolicited guests that you are out of the house or that they are not welcome. 

Need to check on a babysitter, housekeeper, or your teen left alone for the weekend? Doorbell cameras can let you know when they arrive and leave. Most models provide 24/7 access to first responders in case of emergency.

While some may be hesitant to purchase a doorbell camera, their benefits outweigh any possible arguments against them. Not only can they save you money and time, but they provide you with peace of mind knowing your home has an extra layer of protection. Help your family and property stay safe by contacting our team to learn more about doorbell cameras and other home security services. Our security expert consultants and technicians will use their expertise to evaluate your needs and tailor a residential security solution that works best for you.