7 Tips to Prevent Car Theft and Garage Break-Ins

7 Tips to Prevent Car Theft and Garage Break-Ins

Car security has been a recurring issue in Myrtle Beach, from the string of vehicle break-ins this fall to our city’s ranking as the top area for car theft in the Southeast in 2009. For security companies, Myrtle Beach offers unique challenges — but Coggin Security is more than prepared to step up to the plate to prevent car theft and offer residential security. 

We believe in providing the highest level of home security solutions possible so that families feel safe in their homes with their belongings protected. With 100 years of combined experience, Coggin Security strives to not only keep you protected by our home security systems, but also to share our knowledge in the field and keep you informed about strategies to protect yourself and your belongings. Read on to learn what exactly can attract an invasion, as well as methods to prevent burglary specifically within cars and garages.

Think Like a Burglar

In order to maintain your residential safety, it is important to think from the perspective of a potential burglar. What is it that catches their eye? When do they feel most secure approaching your car or garage? What could they see from the outside that could make a potential break-in easier to achieve… or easier to make a clean getaway? 

Imagine, for instance, that you are doing some yard work while your shiny new toolbox is placed near the front of the open garage door. A passerby with the intent to make some extra cash could catch a glimpse of your expensive power tools and take note. They’ll then know not only that these tools are in your possession, but also where they are located — and maybe even how extensively they are protected, and whether any home security systems are in place to catch them in the act. This is not to say that you should not use your tools in the comfort of your own neighborhood, but do be wary of where they are placed, and who is able to see them.  

Another lure to a potential burglar is the landscaping of your home. While it may not be the one determining factor, a well-placed tree that protects them from view will certainly provide an incentive for a burglar to scope out the areas near your garage or windows. If you could use a professional eye to check out your property and suggest home security solutions, reach out to your local security companies. Myrtle Beach’s Coggin Security offers custom security plans and consultations — reach out for a free quote

Secure the Entry to Your Home

In the event that a thief is able to enter your garage, you want to avoid permitting them access to the rest of your home. Oftentimes, a burglar will view the garage as an easy access point to all of your electronics, jewelry, and valuables further inside. To prevent this from being the case, be sure that the door connecting the garage and the entryway to the rest of the home is consistently secured with locks and connected to the rest of your home security system.

To maximize the security of your garage, and therefore your family members and valuables, consider installing a home automation system. Home automation systems feature door and window monitors, motion detectors, access control lock systems, and digital monitoring through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

Park Carefully

When it comes to vehicle security, parking your car in the garage is the safest, most protected option. If this is not possible, though, be sure to park your vehicle in a well-lit area, preferably not too far from your home. Roll up all windows and double-check that your sunroof is closed before you walk away. If you need to park your car in the driveway or the street, install a security system that includes motion detection and security cameras that reach your driveway or the street outside your house. 

For ideas on how to customize your system so that it protects your outdoor property without giving you too many false alarms, consult your local security companies. Myrtle Beach’s Coggin Security is happy to help answer questions or customize our home security solutions to fit your unique situation. 

Always be Prepared

A common misconception is that burglaries occur most often in the nighttime hours. In truth, car burglaries most often occur from the hours of 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Every time you exit your car, even (or especially) when it does not feel necessary, make sure that you’ve removed all valuable items from your vehicle. Also, while it may seem tedious, give your car a quick tidying-up before you leave — a messy car is an eye-catcher to thieves! No matter the time of day, it is important to stay alert and utilize all available methods to deter car break-ins. 

Safely Store Your Remote

While our remote controls can be lifesavers to us, they can be even more valuable to potential thieves, providing access to both your home and car simultaneously. In order to keep your remote out of their hands, ensure that you’re not storing it in a space that is obvious to passersby. After breaking into a vehicle, thieves will typically first search for a garage remote in the glove compartment or clipped to the visor. While these may be convenient locations, it is much wiser to either bring your remote with you as you enter the home, or attach the remote to your keychain. 

Watch Over Your Home Anytime, Anywhere

When a burglar has their eyes on your home or car, they will likely watch to see the times of day when you are not home, such as at work or on vacation. Vacations are a time to relax and enjoy yourself, not be preoccupied with the safety of the home and vehicle you left behind. With our custom smart home system, you can customize your home security system to your needs and keep an extra set of eyes on your belongings as you travel and attend to responsibilities outside the house.

Not only does this custom smart home system provide you insight into any activity surrounding your home, but it also gives you access to control every technical aspect of your home directly from your phone or keypad. Our custom smart home system gives you the ability to adjust thermostats, lighting, and garage doors, and to lock or unlock doors at the touch of a button. 

Consult with Your Local Security Companies

Myrtle Beach residents have their fair share of security concerns, and local companies know best how to address them. As a family-owned company, Coggin Security understands what is most important to you — and we have the expertise to protect it. We bring peace of mind to the Myrtle Beach community through our custom home security solutions. Reach out to our team for a free quote to get started.