Are Visible or Hidden Security Features Better?

Are Visible or Hidden Security Features Better?

When you’re shopping for a security system, one of the first choices you’ll have to make is how visible to make your security features. Each option offers different benefits and is best suited for different types of use. The question of which method is better doesn’t have a simple answer — but there may be an option that is better for you. When it comes to security systems, Myrtle Beach, SC residents should consider their wants, needs, and individual situations. 

Are you installing a home security system? Are you looking for a way to monitor and protect your business? Coggin Security Inc. offers both home and commercial security systems, and we can help you make an informed decision about which type of security feature is best for you. 

Visible Security Features for the Home

The two primary functions of visible security features are deterring crime and capturing evidence of criminal activity. 

A common concern about installing visible security features is that homeowners will invite crime or make their homes more of a target through their home security. Myrtle Beach, SC residents have told us that they fear that the visibility of the system will imply that they have something to steal. 

In reality, though, the increased availability and lower costs of home security systems have made them accessible to a much greater range of people, and modest homeowners are now able to install these systems as well. This decreases the chances of your home catching the eye of an intruder — if everyone has one, it doesn’t carry any implications of hidden treasure. 

The benefits of having a visible home security system greatly outweigh the potential concern. For example, UNC Charlotte researcher Joseph Kuhns from the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology surveyed 422 burglars, all of whom stated that visible evidence of security systems in place deterred them from pursuing criminal behavior. Furthermore, 44 separate studies have shown that visible evidence of video surveillance in parking lots, housing developers, and public transportation reduced crime by 51%. 

A visible home security system’s primary function is to act as a deterrent for bad behavior. Visible features outside of a home, as seen through the studies above, intimidate potential intruders to the point of never actually entering the home. Instead, they will target a home without any troublesome cameras in place. When it comes to home security, Myrtle Beach, SC residents who have not had any major run-ins with any crime in the past would be good candidates for a visible security system.

Hidden Security Features for the Home

Rather than acting as a deterrent, hidden security features are put in place to prove criminal behavior is happening — not to prevent it. They can provide proof after the fact of the crime that occurred, which can be a major help when dealing with law enforcement and insurance agencies. 

Hidden home security features are less likely to be tampered with or vandalized, and more likely to successfully catch footage of a crime. If a potential criminal does not know where the security is, it is much more difficult for them to avoid being captured on camera. If you’re debating the usefulness of outdoor security systems, Myrtle Beach, SC’s recent string of vehicle break-ins was solved with the help of hidden outdoor security cameras. 

Hidden home security cameras can be installed inside the house as well. With the installation of indoor cameras, you can be aware of what’s happening at home at all times. They can let you check in on a housekeeper or babysitter, or simply keep a watchful eye on the happenings in your home while on vacation. 

If you’re shopping for hidden home security, Myrtle Beach’s Coggin Security offers HD cameras that can record what’s going on at home even when you can’t be there. 24/7 surveillance allows you to playback security camera footage from anywhere, at any time. Not only do our HD cameras record what is happening at home when you aren’t there, but they offer complete protection in every area of your home. Indoor and outdoor cameras along with 24/7 monitoring from our team at Coggin Security offers constant surveillance and immediate emergency response if an emergency does occur. 

Visible vs. Hidden Features for a Business

Commercial security needs may differ from residential security needs when it comes to visible vs. hidden security features. When considering which route to take, the business should ask themselves what they are trying to accomplish and how each option could help or hurt their goals.

In certain cases, the business owner may want to monitor the internal goings-on of their employees. In this instance, it is recommended that a hidden commercial security feature is put in place. Construction sites, retail stores, and car dealerships can all benefit from having a hidden camera to prevent merchandise theft, provide evidence in case of lawsuits, and ensure proper employee conduct. 

Make sure to take into consideration legal ramifications for commercial hidden security features as well. Be sure that before installing any system, you grasp these legal requirements to avoid getting into legal trouble as a result of your security systems. Myrtle Beach, SC, doesn’t have specific security camera laws in place, but business owners should take note of federal laws on the subject. Federal laws allow video recording in public places except for areas with a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as changing rooms, locker rooms, bathrooms, etc. Recording employees is a trickier issue — be sure to look up your area’s laws and err on the side of caution.

Which Feature is Better?

This question does not necessarily have a direct answer. It’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option and evaluate which aligns more closely with the security issues you hope to solve and your goals for your security.

Even with all of the information provided, it can be tricky to decide between visible and hidden commercial or home security. Myrtle Beach, SC’s Coggin Security can guide you through the process and help you weigh your options. Finding the right security approach is easier with the help of trained, experienced professionals. Coggin Security specializes in designing and installing custom home and commercial security solutions. We provide an exceptional level of quality while taking care of our customer’s individual needs and creating their custom security systems. Myrtle Beach, SC residents are safe in our capable hands. Contact us today with questions about which security features are the best fit for you.