Fall Home Security, Safety, and Maintenance Checklist

Fall Home Security, Safety, and Maintenance Checklist

Temperatures are finally starting to drop here in the Carolinas, which means we are finally getting a taste of fall. This time of year usually makes us think about getting ready for the holidays, fall festivities, and spending extra time with family, however at Coggin Security, we believe it’s time to check in with your fall home security and maintenance checklist.

The last thing you want to happen during the holidays is an unexpected disaster that might lead to property damage or theft. Here are a few things you should add to your list of fall chores this month to keep your home and loved ones safe:

Test and Change Smoke Detector Batteries

With all the cooking, baking, and electricity produced by indoor and outdoor Christmas lights, you’ll want to make sure all of your smoke detectors are in top shape. Take a little extra time one weekend to check all of your smoke detectors for battery changes and maintenance that might need Coggin Security’s assistance.

Check Your Fire Extinguisher

Your fire extinguisher is a household item that you might not check often, but should monitor at least a few times a year. Most homeowners keep these handy in their kitchen. If you keep yours buried under your kitchen sink, take a moment to check the expiration date and if the pressure gauge needle falls in the green area to ensure your extinguisher will be ready in case of an emergency.

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Test Your Home Security System

If you plan on traveling over the holidays this year, fall is the perfect time to perform a test on your home security system–especially if you’ve performed any remodeling or renovations on your home. Contact one of the technicians at Coggin Security, Inc. to learn how to safely test your home security system in Myrtle Beach.

Check for Overloaded Outlets

The Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that overloaded circuits and outlets cause more than 5,000 residential fires per year. It’s especially easy to overload outlets during the upcoming holidays, as folks tend to use more electricity for Christmas lights and decorations.

Usually circuit breakers will trip and shut down an outlet if there happens to an overload, however if more than one outlet leads to a single circuit or if the wiring happens to go bad – sparks will fly. Add checking for overloaded outlets to your list of security maintenance this fall to prevent future electrical fires this holiday season.

Check Locks and Inspect Windows

This might seem like a no brainer when it comes to the safety of your home or business, however, burglars are professionals at finding forgotten broken locks on back windows and doors that you might’ve not thought twice about checking.

Make sure to check the locks on all exterior doors and windows to make sure they cannot be forced open. In fact, consider installing smart locks, which provides remote access, auto lock, and can connect to your smart home and smart phone.

Don’t forget to check entry points on your second floor as well; burglars can get pretty creative when looking for ways to enter your home.

If you’d like to enhance your home security system or have a professional perform a test on your system, contact one of Coggin’s Myrtle Beach home security team members today.