Four Home Security Tips We Learned From Kevin McCallister

Four Home Security Tips We Learned From Kevin McCallister

It’s almost that time of year — the time to snuggle up on the couch and watch Home Alone while reciting every line. We all know and love this Christmas family comedy as a lighthearted way to ring in the holiday season with loved ones, but did you know that there are actually a few noteworthy pointers to take away from Kevin’s creative protective measures? Coggin Security technicians examine how Kevin’s methods can be translated into a state-of-the-art custom security solution. 

Playing Checkers

Come Up With a Battle Plan

Identifying the most vulnerable spots within your home is the first step towards creating the most efficient home security system. Examine all of the entry and exit points of your home and determine where you may need another set of eyes. Coggin Security experts will work with you to develop a plan for the most successful home monitoring to protect your loved ones. Unfortunately, that plan won’t be drawn up in crayon (sorry!).

Coggin Security’s Smart Home system provides ultimate protection over every aspect of your home, from garage doors to thermostats — allowing total control from any location. That way, your child doesn’t have to take measures into their own hands. 

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Stop Burglars at the Doorknob

It may get pretty annoying to have to put on heat protective gear whenever you want to open your door, therefore other methods may work smoother for your home. Instead of an electric charcoal starter, opt for a keypad lock to place on your front door. Create a code that would not be easily predicted and only share this sequence with those that you trust. Burglars won’t know the code, and your eight-year-old won’t need to use any red hot tools — a win-win if you ask us. 

You may also opt for security cameras in or around your home. This device would provide 24/7 surveillance — giving you peace of mind when you are away from your home. Contact Coggin Security technicians today to learn more about security cameras and other custom security solutions

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Have the Door Trigger a Home Security Alarm When Opened

Telling your guests to duck every time they walk through the door to avoid a bald spot (or worse) may not be a feasible option. Instead, opt for alarms to notify you any time a door is opened in your home. You will sleep soundly knowing that you have protection against intruders and your child isn’t using a blowtorch — another win in our books.  

Alarms are part of Coggin Security’s residential security systems providing all-around protection against intruders from all areas of your home. With 24/7 monitoring, you can rest assured that the highly trained Coggin Security technicians will have your back in the event of an emergency. 

Make It Look Like Someone Is Home, Even When You’re Not

Instead of staging a huge fake party to keep the intruders at bay, opt for a remote lighting system in your home. Sometimes just making it look like someone is home can be enough to deter any break-ins. 

Coggin Security’s Smart Home system offers add ons such as the Honeywell Zwave light dimmer — allowing you to control the lights in your home from your phone or other devices. This system could be a good plan B for when someone cleans out the attic and takes your Michael Jordan cutout and model train to Goodwill.

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Take a page out of Kevin’s book and ensure that your home is prepared for this holiday season with Coggin Security technicians. Contact us for a free quote today!

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