Lower Your Energy Bill with Smart Home Security

Lower Your Energy Bill with Smart Home Security

According to a 2019 study completed by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average American household consumes 10,649 kilowatt-hours of energy. In other words, most homes use 105 thousand hours of energy each year. That’s more than 12 times the amount of hours that are in a year (and the average person spends over 4,600 hours, which is half of the year, sleeping or at work).

With so much energy being used, oftentimes, there is waste which leads to higher monthly energy costs. Fortunately, these extra expenses are completely avoidable with smart home technology to help. Here is how you can use the latest technology in smart home security to not only lower your energy bill but live a more sustainable lifestyle.

3 Ways to Save With Smart Home Security Solutions & Lower Your Energy Bill

Adjusting your habits, such as turning the TV or lights off when leaving a room, is one way to achieve a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Oftentimes, however, this is easier said than done. The Consumer Technology Association estimates that smart home technology can reduce energy consumption an average of 10 percent each month. Here’s how:

1 – Manage Your Home From Anywhere

Smart technology allows homeowners to stay in control, even when they are away from the house. Coggin Security’s smart home security solutions make it simple to implement energy-saving strategies with the Total Connect App that can be used on any mobile or tablet device. That way, if you forget to turn off an appliance, you can immediately cut it off no matter where you are.

You can simplify your sustainable habits with smart-home rules that work cohesively to achieve more efficient energy usage. Modern smart home security solutions allow you to create customized sets of rules, such as automatically turning off all lights at bedtime or setting the thermostat to a certain temperature during the daytime. With custom routines, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off your household appliances when they aren’t being used.

2 – Reduce Energy Waste With Unused Appliances

Even when not in use, many appliances are still drawing “phantom” power. Some of the most common energy-draining devices are gaming consoles, laptops, TVs, coffee makers, cable and satellite boxes. The energy costs of plugged-in appliances build up over time, dwindling your monthly savings for the things that truly matter. By simply scheduling your devices to turn off with help from our Myrtle Beach security experts, you can save hundreds of dollars each year.

If you choose to have our Myrtle Beach security technicians install smart switches around your home, you won’t have to worry about remembering to unplug energy-draining devices every time you are finished using them. Leave it to smart home technology to do it for you to prevent standby devices from eating into your monthly savings!

Want to see what devices in your home are using the most energy? Click here to calculate.

3 – Plan for Peak Usage Times

Because electrical power systems match energy demand with real-time generation, pricing can vary significantly throughout the day and week. This is because more power units must be used to provide adequate electricity. Not to mention, some are specialized and are therefore more expensive to operate.

Early in the morning, for example, power plans experience system stress due to the rapid shift in demand as people begin their days. In turn, energy costs are more expensive between the hours of 5:00 am and 7:00 am to compensate. The same can be said for early evening hours, between 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm, when many American families are returning home from work and school.

That being said, planning for the most expensive times for energy usage can help you cut back your monthly costs considerably. With the mobile app, you can automatically switch off appliances that are not in use during these periods to reduce waste. Heating and cooling make up a significant portion of your energy usage, so setting your thermostat to shut off during peak times can also lead to considerable savings.

The best part of smart home security systems? You don’t have to think about it! Thanks to the latest advances in technology, your smart home will take care of everything for you with automated decision-making. Not only can you save hundreds of dollars and lower your energy bill, but you can also feel good about helping to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. Contact our experts in smart home security in Myrtle Beach to get started today with a free consultation!

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