Preventing Package Theft This Holiday Season

Preventing Package Theft This Holiday Season

With many across the globe making an effort to keep our communities safe by limiting face-to-face contact, online shopping has become an even more popular commodity. One and two-day deliveries are in high demand as the holiday season is rapidly approaching. Our residential security experts have put together a guide on how to keep your packages safe this season with the latest technology in smart home security in Myrtle Beach.

Preventing Package Theft: Residential Security in Myrtle Beach

Almost half of the American population say they typically receive one package each week, with Amazon Prime members being above average. As many eagerly await for their packages to arrive, Myrtle Beach police say that “porch pirates” are watching, too. Leaving packages unattended on your doorstep extends an open invitation for anyone that might be passing by to help themselves.

One study showed that approximately 31 percent of Americans experienced package theft last year, while over 56 percent of people know someone who dealt with package theft. According to authorities, technology for smart home security, such as residential security cameras and smart video doorbells can help keep thieves away this season. Not only do they help deter thieves in the future, but they can also help your local police department track down culprits should a theft take place.

Is a Smart Video Doorbell Worth It?

Though a video doorbell can’t necessarily stop a “porch pirate” from taking your package, it can definitely serve as a deterrent. HD residential security cameras help provide a clear picture of what is happening at your home, even when you can’t be there. Having a smart doorbell and other smart home security features allow you to watch live footage from your home. That being said, even if a thief doesn’t ring the doorbell, your residential security cameras will catch them in the act for authorities.

The average American receives 45 packages per year and almost 25% had packages stolen at least two times. Another 9% said they experienced package theft five or more times. The average cost to replace a stolen item is $109 dollars according to one research report. Depending on what type of products you are ordering (21% feel comfortable spending more than $600 online), these costs can be even higher.

The resulting expenses can begin to add up, especially if you are a frequent online shopper, and can make purchasing by adding a video doorbell to your home security system well worth it. While video doorbell security systems typically entail upfront installation fees and a monthly cost for cloud storage of recordings, they serve as more than a simple package tracker. These cameras also are an investment in your comprehensive home security.

camera by front door

Skybell: Brought to You By Coggin’s Residential Security Experts

Skybell is an easy-to-use smart video doorbell from Honeywell Home that provides convenient home monitoring so that you can see who is visiting your porch even when you aren’t there. You can view live footage from any device, including your phone or tablet, using the Total Connect App. With high definition residential security surveillance, you can have peace of mind being able to confirm your package arrival and keeping an eye out to make sure they stay there.

Here is why our Myrtle Beach security experts like this smart doorbell:

  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly Home Monitoring
  • Easy to Use and Simple to Install
  • Two-Way Audio to Communicate with Visitors
  • Motion Detection Technology
  • Silent Mode Provides Notifications Without the Disruption
  • Easily Connects to Other Smart Home Security Features
  • Complete History of Events & Live Footage
  • Clear Picture With Night Vision & 180° View

In addition to installing a smart doorbell at your home, there are several other supplementary residential security measures that you can take to prevent packages from being stolen. First, make sure you track all of your deliveries online. Before they are set out to be delivered, customize your options so that a signature release is required. You may also want to schedule a delivery time closer to a time you are typically home, such as a lunch break or in the early evening, to prevent your package from being left out for an extended period of time. However, some companies require you to pay a rescheduling fee.

Your video doorbell will alert you when motion is detected on your porch, indicating a successful delivery. If you would like, you can communicate with the delivery personnel and ask them to leave the package in a place that won’t easily be spotted by tempted “porch pirates”. With the holiday season being an especially busy time for shipping companies, it can be hard to know exactly when your package will arrive. Fortunately, video doorbells offer the comfort of knowing that your packages are being looked after until you arrive back at home.

What Should I Do If My Package Is Stolen?

If you have dealt with package theft before, you might be wondering, “What do I do if my package is stolen?” The Myrtle Beach Police Department says the best thing to do is to report it to your local authorities and file a claim with the shipping company. If you already have a video doorbell installed, providing the footage you have can help officers find the culprit. If your package is stolen, there are also a number of apps that promote smart home security in the Myrtle Beach community, such as NextDoor. With these apps, you can communicate with your neighbors to keep your community safe by alerting them of suspicious activity.

Over 82 percent of survey respondents said having a doorbell camera gave them peace of mind shopping online. Don’t wait until this holiday season to start thinking about home monitoring. If you would like to learn more about our solutions for residential security in Myrtle Beach, give our residential security experts a call today.