Moving to Myrtle Beach? Top Security Tips for Keeping Your New Home Safe

Moving to Myrtle Beach? Top Security Tips for Keeping Your New Home Safe

Planning a move to Myrtle Beach? Myrtle Beach is a destination where many people have vacation homes and has been the home of Coggin Security for nearly three decades. Whether your home will be your primary or secondary residence, our residential security experts at Coggin Security have some Myrtle Beach security tips to keep your home safe.

Lock All Doors and Windows

First and foremost, you must keep all doors and windows locked at all times of the day. An unlocked door is the easiest access an intruder can obtain, and you can keep tabs on it by taking simple precautions. Start by establishing a set routine. The “9 PM Routine is a social media campaign created by a Sheriff’s office in Florida to reduce crime. Suggestions include removing valuables from your car, locking your car, turning on outside lights, and locking up your home.

Using the locks outside your home isn’t just for when you’re out of town. Lock up at night, when you leave the house to run errands, and even during the day if you’re home alone. You can’t be too secure! 

It can be advantageous to have the locks changed in a new home by a home security service in Myrtle Beach when you move in. This can add another layer of security as you are in control of everyone who has the proper access to your home.

Keep the Lights On

What’s a telltale indicator of someone not being home? The lights are off! Keeping your lights on, or putting them on a schedule to turn on and off at certain times, gives the impression that you’re home. It may seem like an obvious tactic, but it truly helps to add to your home security

One more notable prevention technique is to install an outdoor lighting system. This can deter intruders from even approaching your home, as lighting is an obstacle standing in their way. Intruders typically don’t want to have to try too hard, so any sort of obstacle can help to discourage them from the get-go.

Don’t Post on Social Media

Although it may be fun to post about your travels, this can be a rookie mistake. Whenever you go out of town, you should avoid posting anything on social media that would reveal you are away from your residence. These sorts of actions can send a green light to intruders considering an easy target. 

Many people use the excuse of their followers being primarily composed of friends and family, however, your posts are often more public than you may even realize. 

Do note that this rule doesn’t mean you can never post the stunning views of your trip – you should just probably wait until you get home before posting your vacation views.

Put Valuables Away

While your home may feel like your place of refuge, it’s important to be conscious of valuable placement within the home. Don’t attract intruders to your home by leaving valuables out in plain sight. Put items away in a secure place and keep your belongings tidy. Consider investing in a safe to lock up your possessions when you aren’t home. 

If you leave valuables out in the open, you’re giving a potential burglar a reason to break into your home. Passers-by should not be able to see anything attractive from the outside of your home.

Install a Home Security System

The most effective way to keep your new Myrtle Beach home safe is going to be to install a security system ideally from a Myrtle Beach security company. The options are overwhelming, but it’s important to do the proper research for determining the right security system for your home. This could mean anything from a doorbell camera to complete smart home integration.

At Coggin Security, the safety of your home, and ultimately you, is our top priority. If you’re ready to get started, contact us for a quote or more information today.