Tips For Preventing Home Burglaries

Tips For Preventing Home Burglaries

Homeowners already have a lot on their plate. Between cleaning, maintenance, and the unexpected events that occur with homeownership, owning a home can be a challenge in and of itself. On top of that already high list of responsibilities, you do not want to worry about your home being broken into. However, home burglaries are a bigger problem than you might think. Over 1 million burglaries occur in the United States each year on average, and 75% of homeowners do not own a home security system. 

While many people tend to think a home burglary would never happen to them, you should be prepared if it does. With this said, our experts at Coggin Security have put together a list of the top tips for preventing home burglaries. 

1. Install Door and Window Locks

Locking your front, back, or side doors should be second nature. A good rule of thumb is to always lock your door whenever you leave and enter your home regardless of if you are staying home for the night or leaving for a few hours. This same rule should apply to windows as well. If you are moving into a new home or renting a new apartment, be sure to get the locks changed. This extra level of security ensures that you, your roommates, family members or your landlord are the only ones who have access to the proper key. 

2. Invest in a Professional Security System

Less than 25% of homes have an alarm system. Home security alarms can be a great asset to protecting your house, but they can also give you peace at night knowing that you are sleeping in a secured house. When choosing an alarm system, you should look for a security alarm that monitors the opening and closing of doors, as well as the exterior connections of your house. 

Even though locked doors bring a certain level of security, windows should not be overlooked. Typically both a first-floor and second-floor windows can potentially be accessed by skilled criminals, thus it’s important to have a system that monitors all of these entry points. 

If a burglar happens to make it past the door and window alarms, motion detectors are valuable features to look for in a security system. Motion detectors are an excellent last line of defense for a multifaceted professional security system.

3. Install an Outdoor Lighting System 

If you are saving up for a security system, the simple act of leaving a light on can signal to intruders that someone is home, leading to avoidance. While this tactic may seem basic, it can be surprisingly effective. Burglars tend to be opportunistic, thus they often prey on easy opportunities with minimal obstacles – like potential homeowners. Outdoor lighting can further deter thieves from entering your property by increasing the risk factor of being seen. 

4. Maintain Exterior Landscaping

Trim shrubs and bushes to eliminate potential hiding spots for burglars. You can maintain your outdoor property by cleaning furniture, watering plants, mowing the lawn, collecting mail, and taking in your recycling or trash can. All of these can be signals to potential thieves who are looking for people who might be out of town. If you will be out of town for a prolonged period of time, be sure to have someone look after your home. It’s important also to avoid leaving spare keys in potential easy-to-find places. 

We encourage you to keep these tips for preventing home burglaries in mind. If you have any more questions regarding home security or alarm systems for commercial or residential, contact our experts at Coggin Security Myrtle Beach.