How to Keep Your Home Safe When Traveling for the Holidays

How to Keep Your Home Safe When Traveling for the Holidays

Whether it’s visiting family or going away on vacation, chances are you may be traveling around the holidays. With this comes the risk of potential intruders knowing your home is unoccupied. To ease your mind so you can relax and enjoy the holidays, Coggin Security has compiled a list of tips to keep your home safe when traveling for the holidays.

Install an Alarm System

Having a reliable alarm system may be the most important tool for when you’re away from home. This way, if an intruder is in your home, your alarm company can take control and notify the police. An alarm system in plain sight can also deter criminals from entering your home in the first place. 

Don’t Tell Everyone You’re Away

One of the most crucial precautions to keep your home safe is to avoid telling everyone you’ll be away. This means you shouldn’t be posting this on social media or broadcast that you’re away from home. Even if it’s just for your friends and family, it’s more public than you might think.

Set a Timer on Lights

Lighting is a sign burglars look for to determine if a house is vacant. If you have indoor and outdoor lights on a timer, for example, to turn on at 5:00 p.m. and turn off at 11:00 p.m., intruders may get tricked into thinking someone is inside. If your house is completely dark for days, this is a surefire sign that no one is home.

Check Doors and Windows

This may seem obvious, but before you leave you should check all doors and windows to ensure they are locked. There should be no spare keys outside, and everything should be tightened up. This is especially important in colder weather: you don’t want a winter chill to open your window, leaving your home more vulnerable.

Stop Your Mail

Another sign no one is home is if there are packages and mail around your driveway and in your mailbox. Before leaving for the holidays, you should ask the Postal Service to stop your mail during the dates you’re away. By the time you come back home, you can have everything sent at once!

Recruit a Neighbor to Keep an Eye Out

It’s nice to have a trusted neighbor or friend keep an eye on your home when you’re away. You can even have this person collect your mail and packages if you choose not to stop your mail through USPS. Just a short walk-around every couple of days can make a huge difference.

Consider Installing Cameras, Even Just on the Doorbell

There are many options for installing security cameras to go along with your alarm system. As an established security company in Myrtle Beach, Coggin Security has recommendations on reliable cameras. We highly suggest the HD Wifi Outdoor Video Camera and C2 WiFi Security Camera Honeywell Home offers. There’s also the option of installing a doorbell camera at your front door.

Leaving your home when you travel can be nerve-wracking, but Coggin Security is here to help ease your fears. For more information, specifically about installing a reliable alarm system, you can contact us today.