How to Choose Security Cameras For Your Home

How to Choose Security Cameras For Your Home

Think about the price you would pay to keep your home and loved ones safe. For many, that makes the cost of home security cameras in Myrtle Beach, SC, a more than worthwhile investment. Security cameras can serve not only as a deterrent of crime, but they can also capture detailed footage should the worst happen.

Thanks to a wave of new smart home security cameras, you can monitor your home from anywhere at any time at the touch of a button. So, how do you decide which security cameras are right for your needs, given the overwhelming number currently on the market?

Here is everything you need to know about making your home safer with Myrtle Beach security cameras from Coggin Security!

A Guide to Buying Residential Security Cameras

Before setting your sights on a new security camera, it may be helpful for you to assess your needs and goals with the following questions:

  1. How many security cameras do you have currently, if any?
  2. Are there any holes or gaps in coverage around your home?
  3. How many cameras do you need to cover crucial areas like doors and windows?
  4. Do you need indoor security cameras, outdoor security cameras, or both?
  5. Can the camera be plugged into a power source or should it be wireless?
  6. What capabilities are most important to you (i.e. live footage, audio, night vision, etc.)?
  7. Can your security camera be integrated into your smart home security system?
  8. What are the lighting conditions inside and around your home?
  9. Do you need a low-resolution or high-resolution camera for clarity and details?

Now that we have your wheels turning, let’s take a closer look at some of the most important security camera features to consider:

5 Important Residential Security Camera Features

1. Coverage

Coverage is an extremely important factor to consider when purchasing a new security camera or several. After all, once you bring them home, where do you plan to put them? While you don’t need to commit to an exact placement just yet, it’s helpful to know approximately which areas you need to cover, as this dictates the type of camera, the number of cameras, and the capabilities you will need.

For a few ideas, check out our blog on the best places to install your home security cameras, Myrtle Beach, SC, here. Keep in mind, you can get security cameras that physically rotate for a large field of view or upgrade to a wider angle lens that gives far-sight vision, depending on your needs. In addition to coverage, consider the location of the cameras. Will they be indoor or outdoors? This will determine whether you need to consider a camera that is waterproof or durable against harsh weather conditions.

2. Power Source

Typically, there are three types of cameras that you can get: hardwired, wireless, or wire-free. As the name suggests, traditional wired cameras must be connected to a power source by a cable to transmit data for viewing the footage. By contrast, wireless cameras (or Wi-Fi cameras), are able to transmit data via a Wi-Fi connection. Some are battery-powered and some, despite the name, still require you to plug them into a power source.

Wire-free cameras work the same way, however, they solely operate on batteries, which will need to be changed on an intermittent basis. As a general rule of thumb, the more your camera detects motion, the faster it will need a battery replacement. Keep in mind that the latter options also need a reliable internet connection to work properly.

3. Smart Home Security Automation

With so many recent technological advancements, some security cameras are compatible with at least a few automation features, while others lack this capability. But, if you are looking for a simple yet comprehensive security system, this integration feature is an important one. For starters, it provides a simple way to control all of your devices from one platform. So, if your camera still functions as a standalone device, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

At Coggin Security, we offer a variety of integrated smart home security solutions, from lighting to cameras to door locks and more, so that you can stay protected. And with our centralized Total Connect App, you can easily control all of them with a touch of a button on your phone or tablet device. All of these smart home security features complement each other and can be easily integrated into your existing system by one of our security specialists.

4. Security Monitoring

Security cameras are powerful deterrents for criminals who may be targeting your property. But, if the worst were to happen, would your security camera let you know? Many DIY home security cameras available on the internet can alert you when motion is detected, but unfortunately, are not monitored by a third-party service.

Yet, many homeowners don’t have the time or patience to continuously monitor and check notifications while away at work, school, and other obligations. That’s why having a Myrtle Beach security company like Coggin on your side makes all the difference. Not only do we alert you of motion around or inside your home, but we also alert the proper authorities, too. So, you can rest assured knowing that even if you aren’t on high alert, we have you covered.

Reliable Myrtle Beach Security Cameras from Coggin Security

As an established Myrtle Beach security company, it’s our goal to make security simple. We can take the guesswork and hassle out of designing and installing a new security system in your home. For more information on how we can help you, give us a call today to set up your free consultation or learn more about some of our best-selling home security cameras for installation in Myrtle Beach, SC, below:

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