Is It Time to Upgrade Your Security System?

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Security System?

How often do you swap out your outdated phone, laptop, or camera for the newest, shiniest model? Most people are happy to upgrade their everyday personal devices because these frequent advancements offer faster, better features. Just like these technologies, security is constantly changing and improving, so having updated security is an absolute necessity in keeping your home, business, and loved ones safe. Let’s take a look at a few signs that it might be time to upgrade your security systems in Myrtle Beach, SC! 

7 Signs You Need a New Security System 

1 – Your System is Aged 

A quality security system in your Myrtle Beach, SC, home can alert you if something happens while you are away and capture real-time footage that can be played back later. What many people don’t realize is that it can also serve as a future deterrent for criminals. Opportunists looking for their next mark are much more likely to avoid a property that clearly has a security system in place. 

But a system can only do its job if it is up to date. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to upgrade your security system if it is more than 10 to 15 years old. So many technological advancements can happen in just a few years that older systems can become obsolete against modern criminals. 

2 – Your System is Hardwired

This is especially true for hardwired systems that use physical wires to connect sensors, panels, detectors, and other security devices. Over time, wires tend to break, bend, and fray, which can cause your system to disconnect and become virtually useless. Not to mention, these systems may leave your home vulnerable should the power go out or if an intruder decides to simply cut the wires. 

That doesn’t mean you necessarily need a new system altogether, though. Almost all security systems in Myrtle Beach, SC, homes, and businesses are capable of being converted to wireless. You may be able to integrate your old hardwired system with a newer system for a hybrid approach. Managing this integration is simple with a seamless, central panel like the ProA7 Plus from Honeywell Home.

All-in-One panel
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ProA7Plus ProSeries 7 Inch All-In-One Security Panel 

This highly scalable panel provides a central hub for all of your smart home security features. Control your thermostat, lighting, security settings, and more at the touch of a button or a simple voice command. 

3 – Your System Operates on an Older Network

If you have a wireless system, keep in mind that it could still be outdated. Just like cell phones and Bluetooth devices, wireless systems communicate using radio frequency signals. Many older systems rely on older network infrastructure, such as 2G and 3G communicators, to work. Unfortunately, 2G and 3G networks have been replaced with newer, faster networks.

The good news is that 4G networks will be available for at least another decade and will co-exist with new 5G networks. If your system operates on one of these networks, it is essentially rendered useless. The good news is that you may be able to do a simple swap out of the communicator to give it another boost. 

4 – You Have a Stand-Alone System

With these phased-out networks, your older wireless system won’t be able to connect to modern devices such as phones, tablets, smart home automation devices, or your central monitoring system. If you don’t have these devices anyways, that’s a good indication it’s time to upgrade your Myrtle Beach security system. 

These add-on technologies not only re-enforce your security system, but they also provide additional capabilities such as motion detection, wide-angle and zoomed-in views, night vision, 24/7 video footage, remote access, and playback capabilities, just to name a few. If you are looking to ramp up your home security with additional devices, we can help you install high-resolution, wireless security cameras, like the C2 Camera from Honeywell Home, around your home.

WiFi Security Camera
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The C2 Wifi Security Camera 

This versatile camera from Honeywell Home can detect the difference between a crying baby and a smoke alarm and will notify you via your smart device when either happens.

5 – Your System Uses On-Site Monitoring 

Having an updated security system is crucial to protecting your property, but having a reliable alarm system is equally important. Your security system will be able to detect if something goes wrong, but without an alarm system, who will be notified? If you have an outdated system that relies on someone nearby hearing your alarm, it’s time to upgrade. 

The majority of modern security systems in Myrtle Beach, SC, are monitored 24/7 by an off-site service provider, meaning that if an alarm is triggered by flooding, smoke, or an intrusion, an alert will be sent to a trained professional who can alert the proper authorities. Some systems can send alerts to your personal device at the same time to let you know what is going on at your home or business, even when you aren’t there. 

6 – Your System Requires Manual Updates 

As with your personal devices, your security system needs to be updated to match the latest version of the program. Updating your system manually can be very expensive and time-consuming, not to mention frustrating. 

It is for this reason that many people don’t bother manually updating their systems. However, what many don’t realize is that ignoring a security update can leave your Myrtle Beach security system vulnerable to threats. There is an easier option, though. Modern systems generally use automatic updates or firmware upgrades to apply system fixes quickly with no hassle for you. 

7 – You Have Moved Or Renovated Your Home

Just because you can take your security system with you when you move, doesn’t mean you should. If you have moved into a larger home or office and are still relying on the same old security system, you could be setting yourself up for a problem down the road. New doors and windows mean new entry points that need to be protected. 

If you are considering doing some extensive renovations or relocating to a new property, it’s the perfect time to plan on upgrading your system, especially if you currently have a hardwired system. While your home is under construction, your security provider will be able to easily access wires behind walls and on ceilings or floors to make any necessary updates.  

Take the Next Step With Your Myrtle Beach Security System 

Even if your outdated security system seems to be working properly, you run the risk of it not working when you need it most. We can’t stress the importance of the old saying “better safe than sorry” enough and updating your security system. At Coggin Security, we offer a variety of state-of-the-art commercial and residential security solutions, from 24/7 off-site and remote video monitoring to access control to fire protection to custom entertainment solutions. Our smart home automation solutions can set you up for the future, bridging comfort and security to help you seamlessly protect what matters most. 

Leave it to the expert security technicians at Coggin! Keeping your home and business safe and secure has never been easier – contact Coggin Security for a free consultation about the best security systems in Myrtle Beach, SC, today!

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