Top 5 Summer Safety Tips for Families

Top 5 Summer Safety Tips for Families

Summertime is here! Now that school is out and warmer weather is upon us, it is essential to think about the safety of your home and those inside of it. Whether you are relaxing at home with your family or on the road traveling, it is important that your home be protected no matter the situation.  While summer is a time of fun for most, it also leaves you at a higher risk for break-ins, accidents, and injuries than other times of the year. Our home security experts here at Coggin Security have compiled a list of summer safety tips to give you and your family the fun and safe summer that you deserve.

Keep Watch Over Your Home

With no school during the summer, families have more flexibility in their daily activities and schedules. Kids may be home while parents are still working, or even the whole family might be away on a trip together. One way to keep an eye on kids, pets, and the entire house is through residential security cameras. There are a variety of different home security camera options available to suit whatever your family’s needs may be. 

One option is indoor cameras that can be used to monitor children or pets who may be home alone for long periods of time to give you the peace of mind you need. Additionally, outdoor cameras and video doorbells can be used to keep an eye on visitors while you are away on vacation or traveling. Remote home monitoring systems such as these give you the ability to record activity in and around your home to ensure the safety of the things you care about.

Secure Your Windows and Doors

While opening a window or door may let a nice breeze in to help beat the heat, it can also be an invitation for thieves. During the summer months there is typically a spike in the number of break-ins and home invasions, due to mishaps like these.  Be sure to lock and secure all doors and windows at night or when leaving your home to ensure that no unwanted visitors might enter. As always, take care to set your alarm system, or consider investing in a home security service if you haven’t already, to further prevent these situations.

Be Vigilant Before Vacationing

With no school and great weather, summer is one of the most popular times to take a vacation.  No matter where your destination may be, take some precautions before leaving for your trip to ensure maximum relaxation. One of our most highly recommended summer safety tips is investing in light timers or smart bulbs. This is one way that you can make it less obvious that your home is an unoccupied while away. 

Another good investment is using keyless or smart locks on your doors. Smart home security systems can eliminate the need for spare keys laying around, while still allowing access to those who may need it – for example a friend who is checking on your house, watering plants, or feeding a pet. Lastly, putting your mail on hold and having a neighbor pick up your packages can help keep your belongings secure.

Practice Pool Safety

Summertime also means hotter weather, and what better way to cool off than in the water? While lots of fun for the entire family, water can be particularly dangerous for young children. In many cases it only takes about two inches of water for an accident such as a drowning to occur, and is one of the leading causes of death for young children.

Whether you are in your pool at home or out on the beach with friends, it is important to constantly keep an eye on young children. If they are still learning how to swim, life jackets and flotation devices can be essential to avoiding accidents. In the case that an accident does occur, be sure to keep a first aid kit and scissors on hand so that you are prepared to handle it. Summer safety tips such as these can help you and your family avoid dangerous situations while still having fun.

Stay Safe in the Sun

While being outside in the sun may be fun, it is important to keep you and your family protected from burns and other injuries caused by too much sun exposure. Whether you are playing in the yard with the kids or vacationing on the beach, sunscreen is essential to preventing painful burns for yourself and your kids. Cloudy days can be deceiving, as sunburns are still possible even when the sun appears to not be out, as UV rays can penetrate through the clouds. To maintain effectiveness, be sure to reapply every two hours or after being in the water or sweating.

If you are looking for an additional layer of protection, umbrellas are also a convenient and useful tool to block those rays. For children under the age of one, limit sun exposure as much as possible, and keep them covered in lightweight clothing.  The combination of sun exposure and the summer heat can also cause other heat-related illnesses for people of all ages, not just children. Stay protected so that no one misses out on the summer fun.

With these summer safety tips, no one’s summer has to be ruined by an avoidable accident.  At Coggin Security, we are here to help you explore custom security solutions to ensure that you and your family have the best and safest summer yet. Contact us today.



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