Why Do Crime Rates Rise In the Summer?

Why Do Crime Rates Rise In the Summer?

Summer in the south, what could be more fun? Well, did you know that it’s also the season with the highest rates of violent crime and theft? During the summertime, people are away from home more, troubled teenagers have more time on their hands, and some security experts suggest that the rise in temperature alone makes people more aggressive. A study conducted in Los Angeles in 2019 found that violent crime rates rose by almost 6 percent on days when the temperature rose above 85 degrees. Additionally, the Department of Justice also found that break-ins are over 10% more common as the weather gets warmer, so unfortunately, the verdict is clear. You’re more likely to have your house or car broken into during the summer months. 

In Myrtle Beach and in most of the South where temperatures stay far above that for most of the day, you can be sure that a reliable home security system goes a long way. If you want to protect yourself and your belongings while still having fun in the sun, check out the key reasons why crime rates go up during the summer and the home security solutions you can implement to keep you and your loved ones safe.

People are at Home Less

Whether you’re going on vacation, out to eat, or simply enjoying the nice weather, during the summer months we’re typically at our home less and enjoying the longer days more. Before you start packing up the car to go to the beach or on vacation, it’s very important to keep in mind how you’re leaving your home. Intruders will often watch your home to determine when you’re going on vacation and will strike once they’re certain that you’ve left. 

When going out for a walk or meeting a friend out for lunch, make sure to lock all doors and windows in your home. If you have one, set your home security system, even if you’ll only be out for a little while. Investing in a smart home security system can help by automatically locking your doors or windows, leaving you with peace of mind when it comes to your home security. 

Windows and Doors are Open More Often

As the weather gets nicer, it can be tempting to open up a window or your garage door to let a nice breeze come through the house. An open window or door, however, can provide an intruder with a prime opportunity to gain entry into your home. Make sure that if you do open up your home, you’re keeping a close eye on any area that could become a potential entry point for an aspiring burglar.

Even if your windows are closed, that doesn’t mean there’s no chance of a break-in. If you’re opening your windows often, it can be difficult to remember to lock them. An unlocked door or window can easily be slid open to allow intruders access into your home. Installing a home security system that automatically locks windows or alarms and alerts you when one is opened can help keep you accountable and keep your house locked up tight.

During the extended daylight hours, an entryway that is both closed and locked can still attract the eye of a thief and allow them to peer into your home as if they were window shopping at the mall. When you go to close and lock your window, make sure to close the blinds as well.

More Tourists In the Area

Anyone who lives in the Myrtle Beach area will tell you that as the temperature rises, so do the number of tourists. More tourists mean more occupied houses, more parked cars, and more belongings on the beach, all of which give would-be burglars more opportunities to break in and get away with their belongings. 

When heading out for a day of fun at the beach, make sure you have someone keeping an eye on your stuff. While your belongings might seem safe for such a short period of time in a busy area, there are plenty of people who would tell you otherwise. Thieves know that while your towels and chairs might not be worth much, beach bags usually contain wallets and smartphones, allowing them to profit by simply picking up your purse and walking off. By having at least one person stand guard, you can splash around in the waves or go grab an ice cream cone without worrying.

Our Myrtle Beach security professionals recommend that if you’re parking in a busy area, make sure to keep any valuables in your vehicle out of plain sight. Everyone knows to hide their electronic devices and jewelry, but even a phone charger or a case left behind can alert thieves that there might be something worth their time hidden somewhere in your car. Investing in a beefed-up car security system or tinted windows can also help deter criminals to choose an easier target.

If you own a home that you’re renting out during the summer, the implementation of a residential security solution is a vital step when it comes to keeping your belongings safe. Chances are, most tourists are not going to care about the safety of your home or the objects inside of it as much as you do, and intruders know this. Renters can forget to lock doors or close garages when they go out, or they may leave windows or doors open for longer periods of time. Installing residential security cameras that allow you to check up on the status of your property will not only help keep your things safe but will also give you peace of mind. Certain smart home security systems will even let you remotely lock doors and windows from an app on your smartphone or computer, allowing you to secure the house as renters head to the beach.

Enjoy the Weather Without Worrying

Summer is supposed to be one of the most fun and leisurely times of the year, so make sure you’re not wasting it worrying about your car or your home. By making yourself aware of why crime rates go up during the hottest season of the year, you’re one step closer to keeping you and your belongings safe during the summer months. While it can seem unnecessary to lock things up before you head out to the beach or grab coffee with friends on a nice afternoon, home security should never be ignored. With both tourism and temperatures ramping up in the coming months, now is a better time than ever to beef up your residential security system and make sure that you beat not only the heat but any potential burglary attempts too. 

If you’re still worried about keeping your home safe during the summer, or even if you just have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at Coggin Security so we can help get you answers and install a proper residential security system to protect what you hold dear.