What Do Burglars Look for Before Breaking In?

What Do Burglars Look for Before Breaking In?

No one wants to receive an alert that their home or business has been broken into. Take a look at a few things burglars look for before breaking in, so you can help prevent your place from becoming a target and protect your home from break ins.

Valuables in Plain Sight

You’d be surprised how often people forget to close the blinds. If you leave your valuable electronics sitting on a table or in plain sight of an unobstructed window, this action will not go unnoticed by a thief looking for an easy win.

When you aren’t home and whenever you head off to bed, close your blinds and curtains. Most depictions of break-ins happen at night, but vacant homes are vulnerable during the day as well.

An Open Garage Door

You most likely lock down all entrances to your home at night, but you should also be vigilant about this during the day – even when you’re at home. You might just be mowing the lawn in the back, but an open garage door is an almost irresistible opportunity for a thief to grab a few tools and make a swift getaway.

Mail in Piles

Full mailbox - what to do to prevent break-ins
Full mailbox Coggin Security

An overflowing mailbox is a clear sign that no one is checking in on the house or business. If you’re leaving your place for a while, be sure to have someone pick up your mail or pause it online.

Window AC Units

Window AC units that are not protected by bars on the outside can be easy targets for break-ins, as it makes for easy access into your home. A thief can kick in the unit, then climb in after it and give them full access to your home.

No Signs of Pets

Breaking into a home with pets such as dogs makes a burglar’s job a lot harder. Even if you don’t have a large dog, the noise they make might be just enough to make the thief think twice about entering your home.

No Evidence of a Security System

No thief wants to be caught on camera, or worse, caught in the act. If they scope out your home or business and see that absolutely no attempt at a security system has been made, they may shortlist your place for a future break-in.

To help ward off criminals, Coggin Security offers exterior security products, such as signs and stickers that are placed in high traffic areas outside of your home. These may seem like small items, but they can speak volumes to a thief.

Flawed Security System

Experienced thieves will know the difference between an improperly installed DIY security system and one that will track their every move. If you have a security system, it’s crucial you make sure to arm it every time you leave the house and at night.

Coggin Security has 24/7 real-time monitoring to protect your home from break ins. If an intruder is detected, local emergency responders are contacted within seconds. Our video surveillance solutions also feature high-resolution playback, night vision, and mobile-compatible options. No matter where you are, you can keep track of what’s happening at your home or business and know that you’re protected.

To learn more about our security systems, contact one of Coggin Security’s experts.