Five Tips to Keep Your Employees Protected From Fires

Five Tips to Keep Your Employees Protected From Fires

In the unfortunate event of a commercial fire, the most important thing is to keep your employees safe. Every second of your team’s response counts. The right fire detection and alarm system will detect fires, alert local fire departments, warn your employees, and give everyone the time they need to get to safety.

We are a local and family-owned Myrtle Beach, SC security company. We value protecting our community and your business like we value protecting our own family. Below, we share our 5 best tips to protect your employees from harm in the case of a commercial fire.

commercial building fire alarm pull station

Install An Updated Fire Alarm System

An updated fire detection system will warn people early, giving them time to respond appropriately and get to safety. Install the solutions that are best for your business and for your employees.

Coggin Security offers the latest comprehensive systems for all types of commercial businesses. A local Myrtle Beach security technician from Coggin Security will help implement the commercial fire security system for your business.

We offer everything from smoke detectors to manual call points and pull stations to make commercial buildings safe for employees and customers. When you work with us, you’ll receive exactly what you need from a local Myrtle Beach, SC company that cares about your business.

Work With Certified Technicians for Fire Detection Systems

Certified technicians make sure fire detection systems are installed properly and that the system functions as it should. Our certified safety technicians will ensure your commercial fire security system meets code requirements.

A commercial fire safety system is designed with professional-grade functions and features. A certified technician makes sure the fire security system is properly installed and monitored so your business receives the full-range of security functions.
Fire and life safety is just too important to trust with anyone but professional and experienced technicians.

Invest in 24/7 Monitoring

Every second makes a difference when responding to commercial fires. Security systems can immediately notify the proper authorities and to call for help before it’s too late. 24/7 monitoring is another safeguard that ensures the proper authorities, fire departments, and response teams are dispatched when you need them.

When you trust Coggin Security with your commercial fire safety you receive local, around the clock monitoring.

Perform Regular Inspections

Regular inspections help identify risks and the proper exit points for employees in the case of an emergency. Your business may be violating a code without knowing. A regular inspection by a certified professional can ensure that you stay up-to-date and safe with your business and fire security system.

Keep your employees safe from commercial fires by doing all you can to follow code requirements. Regular inspections can help you adjust your safety and security plans according to professional recommendations and fire codes.

Implement Proper Emergency Procedures

Train your employees to respond in a safe and timely manner so they’re prepared before the commercial fire even happens. Make sure they know the signs of commercial fires and teach them how to warn other people to avoid panic. Train employees on how to use your commercial fire security system so they can contact the proper response teams while keeping themselves safe.


As a local, family-owned and operated Myrtle Beach security company, we mean it when we say our employees are like family. We understand that protecting your employees in the event of a fire is the highest priority. Commercial fire detection and alarm systems from Coggin Security in Myrtle Beach, SC help you protect the people that are important to you and your business.

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