Spooky Season: How to Stay Safe This Halloween

Spooky Season: How to Stay Safe This Halloween

As Halloween approaches, you can feel the excitement building in the air. Kids have their costumes and trick-or-treat routes planned down to the last little detail. The anticipation of candy to come and scares to be had mounts each and every day. You’ve carved your pumpkins, bought your candy, and webbed your home to perfection, but have you considered what precautions to take for your home or business to stay safe this halloween season? 

While Halloween is supposed to be about fun and play, it provides ample opportunities for theft and vandalism. Crime spikes on Halloween, and there are more things to fear than ghouls and goblins. Here at Coggin Security in Myrtle Beach, we’ve put together our list of tips and tricks, and maybe some treats, to improve your home and commercial security system this holiday. 

Security Solutions For Your Home

Whether you’re handing out candy to eager kids or making the trek from house to house, safety is always the first priority. Read on for our top tips to keep your home safe this Halloween:

Install Smart Lights and Security Cameras

Consider installing a security system with smart features for maximum protection. When the motion sensors in smart home systems are triggered, they activate smart lights and home security cameras. Smart lights only light up when they’re triggered and they turn off automatically, saving energy and adding an extra layer of security. The motion-sensor activation ensures that any activity is captured on camera — and is well-lit so critical details are visible. Read more on the security benefits of outdoor lighting on our blog.

Even if all the camera captures is your dog jumping on the couch, having it there is a security blanket during unknown situations. Whether you’re at home or away, it gives you peace of mind that something is looking out for your safety. 

Motion sensors, smart lights, and smart home security cameras work in tandem to protect the inside of your home. But what about security solutions for the outside? 

Set Up a Doorbell Camera

Doorbell cameras and smart locks are the best way to keep the outside world outside. A doorbell camera gives you access to video footage of your front or back doors at any time, whether you’re home or not. You can check if your expected packages have arrived, investigate notifications about disturbances on your property, and look back at old footage in case of any incidents. Many front porch home security cameras even include a speaker so you can talk to someone outside without ever opening the door. Stay safe this halloween from unwanted visitors by installing a doorbell camera to ensure you know who you are opening up the door to. Read more on the pros of having a doorbell camera on our blog.

Install a Smart Lock

Automatic locking systems, known as smart locks, ensure that you never leave the house unprotected. If you’re running late for work, if the kids are going in and out to various activities, or if you’re just dealing with the general mayhem of day-to-day life, it can be easy to forget to lock the door behind you. 

Smart locks can be set to automatically lock, or they can be accessed remotely. If you find yourself a few neighborhoods over on Halloween when you realize you forgot to lock the door in the chaos of costumes and candy, you can do it right from your phone.

Protect Your Car

Vandalism and drunk driving are two of the most common crimes committed on Halloween, and unprotected cars on the street are in danger in both scenarios. From rebellious teens armed with eggs and keys to intoxicated drivers swerving down the road, your car is better off parked in the garage or another safe, secure location on Halloween. 

Security Solutions For Your Business 

Most businesses are out of the line of fire for trick or treating, but that does not keep them safe from vandals or thieves. Just like at home, a smart commercial security system offers much higher levels of protection than a simple alarm. The smart system’s motion sensors, lights, cameras, and locks come together to create the perfect defense team for your business. However, there are other safety techniques you can use to minimize risk even further.

Fire Protection

Getting into the holiday spirit at the office is a great way to strengthen company culture and keep spirits high. If you choose to decorate your business’s property for the holiday, make sure to use LED lights instead regular light bulbs or candles if you plan to leave decorations on for long periods of time. LED lights stay cooler than regular bulbs, preventing overheating or fires. Remember to keep exits clear of decor in case of emergency. 

Protect Your Assets

If you’re locking up for the weekend, make sure to hide any assets you have from view. If you operate a business with a window display, think about taking it down or stripping it back for Halloween weekend to make your property a less appealing target for thieves. 

Place your valuables in less conspicuous locations when leaving them unattended. If you have large sums of cash or other particularly valuable assets on the property, consider moving them elsewhere for the night, or temporarily installing additional security cameras, locks, and motion detectors for the night.

Contact a Security Professional

Halloween is supposed to be a weekend filled with fun, candy, and delightful chills, not fear over the safety of your home, office, and belongings. If you have any questions or concerns about your existing home or commercial security system, or if you’re interested in installing a new one, reach out to the team at Coggin Security. We have a team of qualified security experts ready to help you stay safe this halloween by answering any questions you may have about securing your home or business. 

All you should worry about this season is making sure your candy bowl is full and your costumes are perfect. While we may not be able to protect you from ghosts or evil spells, Coggin Security in Myrtle Beach is prepared with security solutions that work for you.